What should I do with my life? Live Your Unique Perfect Day [Template]

What should I do with my life? Live Your Unique Perfect Day

What should I do with my life? Live Your Unique Perfect Day [Template]

Remember when you were young, you heard that you could do anything you put your mind to and be anything you wanted?

For some, the dream is where it stopped. The question remained, “What should I do with my life and how do I go for my dreams?”

Whether it’s a side or full-time hustle, being able to do what you love means you have to take the steps necessary to dialing in you and take control of your life.

That’s what we’re talking about today, how to get you from where you are to actualizing your perfect day. If you’re feeling stuck and don’t know what to do in life or you don’t know how to start, you’re going to have a clearer picture after doing the exercise in this post. Let’s get to it!

What is A Life Dream Anyway?

Simply put, a life dream is doing what you want to do each and every day.

Do you know what a perfect day for you is? Do you know what you would do in your day if you could do anything you wanted to? For a week? A month? This is one of the toughest questions most people have at some point in their lives.

Even if you thought you once knew there are plenty of people who figure out later down the road that what started as something they saw themselves doing for the rest of their lives turned out to be misintentioned.

If you’re wondering what should I do with my life, it’s not too late to start over, it isn’t too late to figure out what your perfect day would look like and there’s nothing in your way to living out your life dream except figuring it out and letting go of limiting beliefs.

What If You Don’t Know What Your Perfect Day Looks Like

What If You Don’t Know What Your Perfect Day Looks Like

Most do not, and that’s okay, that’s where all dream actualizers began. 

Little by little though, it’ll become clear as you go through the exercises below.

It’s not bad if you don’t have it all figured out, all the self-defeating stuff comes in when you’re unwilling to go through the process. That’s not you!

There’s Only One Thing You Actually Need to Make it Happen

Commit to the process. If you don’t, a year from now, five years from now, you’re just going to have regret. You must have the grit to uncover your perfect day, and it starts by putting together some clues in your past to see the ultimate life dream ahead of you a little while from now.

Even if you do even the small stuff, you’re going to be closer to where you want to be. That’s the goal, to help you figure out and actualize your perfect day. Good?Cool! I’m going to tell you something that not many other people will tell you…

What Will Emerge A Glimpse of Your Creative Best

Defining your perfect day starts by you exploring a passion you already have. Something that has been ongoing for you.

What’s going to happen, is more of you is going to come out. Sides of you that you’ve never really seen before. Maybe you’re always a pretty serious person, and you’ve been smothering your inner child, or perhaps, you aren’t even aware of your boss like organizational and strategic skills. You’ll not only discover new personal attributes, but new revelations will blossom too.

You will unfold.

Key Questions to Ask Yourself is Where You Start

Key Questions to Ask Yourself is Where You Start

We’re going to go into more detail as you move along the page, but I want you to start with: What is it that you love to learn about, talk about, and or teach?

Something you won’t get sick of. Something that others sometimes get tired of hearing about from you. This is where it starts!

For some people, this might be obvious. For the rest of us, either you have way too many interests, or you aren’t sure that you can make a living from your passion. Okay, so let’s help you narrow in on some of this stuff so you can uncover your creative best!

The Inner Stuff That Makes Up Dreams

We’re going to narrow in more on your interests, skills, and mission -maybe you call it purpose.

You might only have a clear picture of one of these categories right now, and that’s a fantastic place to start! As you go through what these are, if something that resonates with you pops out and hits you in the face, then boom, you’re further along the way in the dream actualization process. If you only have one thing stand out, no problem the others will emerge over time.

Your ultimate life dream is the merging of the three of these, but if the dots aren’t fully connected yet, it will come over time as you dial in on each one.

what should i do with my life? Imagine, dream big

Clue #1 What are Your Interests?

This is in the line of a hobby you love. What captures your interest?

Board games, gardening, beekeeping, corn hole, all things grilling? It really can be anything!

You have to dial in what things REALLY interest you because this is going to be your first clue. And here’s the thing, you can talk about your interests and hobbies, through a blog, or on a podcast or through Youtube and actually make money while doing it!

It’s crazy, but it’s absolutely true.

Clue #2 What skills Have you Honed in on?

What kind of skill sets do you have? No, I’m not talking about what you’d put on a resume. I mean, it could be some of those things, but you have to think outside the box here.


Bowling, embroidery, adult kickball, bartending, search engine optimization or SEO, team management and motivation, woodworking, plumbing, copywriting, cosmetology… what skill have you honed in on throughout the course of your life? Think about it, make a list; this is another vital clue.

Clue #3 Mission and Life Purpose

Have you had a life experience that impacted you and now have a burning desire to help people through that same type of experience?

Do you have a heart for a broken situation in our society, kids in foster care, depressed dad’s, moms that have lost children, marriages that are not thriving, millennials that don’t have a good work ethic?

This can be a vital clue as to who you are meant to work with, the type of environment you’re meant to work in and who you could potentially help the most. How you go about it, will depend on you as the rest of who you unfold through the actions below.

You Must Connect Some Dots

You Must Connect Some Dots
There’s another trick to the what should I do with my life question.

If you have the heart for something, but your interests and skills don’t line up with it, then that’s not it. I

f you have an interest or a skill, but your heart isn’t in it, then that’s not it.

Keep being open to figuring out who you are.

As you go over each thing, they should all come together, and the other thing that becomes very clear is your niche. Believe it or not, there are 33k untouched niche markets, do you fall into one of these and if you do, which one?

It’s going to take time to figure out each thing if you haven’t already. That’s fine; it’s all part of the process! Here are the next steps to defining your perfect day.

Next Steps to Take to Define Your Perfect Day

This has a lot to do with replacing what you’re currently spending your time and energy on and replacing it with what will lead you to live your perfect day.

Below are three main areas you have to start focusing on.

Figure out Where You’re Wasting Time in Life

what should I do with my life

Are you wasting time in life?

You might think that you don’t have any time to do the things you love, but if that were true, then how is it that we still have time to consume? If you wanted to watch Netflix, you’d have time for that; if you wanted to browse on Facebook, magical time would be available for that.

You have to be mindful and ask yourself, where is my time going?

The time is there; it’s just used for other things that aren’t effective for you reaching your life dream.

Get Productive With Your Time

So you have the time, how do you make the most of it?

The shift is to become effective with your time.

This is where it all begins!

Make some goals for yourself with this Fast and Easy Goal Setting Template and figure out how you want to spend that time you DO have. Cut out the stuff that’s keeping you stagnate.


New Perspective on Where You’re Spending Your Time

This wasted time can be hard to give up. You might think, well, I need it because I feel so burnt out and I need to turn off.

If you were using your time how you wanted to use it, you’d feel even more satisfied, and you’d be moving towards your goals at the same time.

Take that time you’d usually waste, and put it towards self-development, self-discovery, and mastery of your perfect day.

You have to stop consuming!

If consuming was going to fill you, then you’d be full by now.

Replace consumption with those things you clued in on about yourself.

If it’s not doing it for you, then all you have to do is make some adjustments. Don’t quit though, remember, you’re figuring you out, and that takes some time.

Start Directing Your Days

When you direct your days, you direct the rest of your life.

Start by getting up 15 minutes earlier each day and doing what you want to do.

Try it for 6 days, and after 6 days, if you want to get up earlier, than do that.

Create a routine for yourself, try one of these 3 examples of routines for success. Play around with them. Again, after 6 days, adapt whatever needs to be. Launch, analyze and adapt, that’s the name of the game. Refuse to keep rolling out of bed in the morning and going straight to work.

Start your day with you, your goals and your heart the first thing that’s on your mind because you’re making time for it. This is very empowering and will allow you to clarify a lot of stuff for yourself.

Start Creating

Start Creating

If you’re passionate about coffee, then create and publish content about coffee. Talk about coffee, from every angle possible. If you’re passionate about board games, the best homeschool curriculum, cooking healthy on the cheap, starting an online business, that’s a valuable insight into you!

Most of the people around you do not share the same burning passion for this as you do, but 1,000 other people in the world do, and you have to find them, and they have to find you.

Some of them are just getting started and need your help. Some of them are nerds too and want to be on your podcast. Some of them might become a partner in your dream business endeavor.

To find out, you have to start. Small steps, one at a time. 

Forget About Perfection

It doesn’t need to be perfect; it’s not about that. Perfection will stop anyone in their tracks trying to pursue their life dream. Be willing to make mistakes.

Don’t just dream, you need to CREATE!

The idea is for you to create the habit of creating and giving room to that side of you. Learning, about you, skilling up as you go and breaking free into your creative best.

How I figured out My Perfect Day

By going through this process, I went from a corporate job that I hated, depression and just being checked out to living out my perfect day.

Here’s the thing, it didn’t all come together and really hit me until day 763.

I tried a couple of different things, let go of a lot of things, and then boom! There it was, the thing I had wanted to find finally fully revealed itself. What would have happened if I hadn’t of taken the journey? I don’t even want to consider that, the point is that your perfect day will unfold for you too.

Start Working Towards Your Perfect Day and Don’t Look Back

what should I do with my life

In time, you will look back and see all the dots connected.

Right now, you either don’t know what your perfect day will look like or don’t believe you can actualize it as your life dream. You have to start figuring out you, stop wasting time, direct your days and get started. It’ll all be worth it in the end.

I want to come along side you and help you get there.



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