3 Steps to Craft a Daily Routine to Become Your Best

3 Steps to Craft a Daily Routine to Become Your Best

3 Daily Routine Examples for Success in Your Day

What’s your ultimate goal a year from now? A couple of years? Five years? Ten years?

I’m sure you have some personal dreams and ideas in your head but most or perhaps even all of them have not come to a reality….. Yet 🙂

The first step in making any of them happen is directing your days.  It's probably the thing I preach more than anything else.  

You MUST direct and not drift. 

It's your life and the directing it needs will be specific to you, but there is one necessary element that is common to all, and that is that it needs to be on purpose.

Begin to make forward progress in your life with one of these 3 daily routine examples!

Drifting in Your Day Sucks, I've Been There

I went through a time of deep depression a few years ago. During the time I was at my lowest, my "I need to go to bed" reminder was at 4 am when my holiday calendar app would go off notifying me of today’s silly holiday.

It’s crazy to think that a couple of years later I am 97% outta that depression cycle and waking up at 4:30 am because I WANT to!

I’m not saying go extreme and start waking up at 4:30 tomorrow but you absolutely have to begin to direct your days instead of drift in them.

How else can you direct your life if you are not in control of your days?

It can’t happen and that is why a daily routine is soooooooo crucial my friend!  

In this post I’m going to give you the 3 step formula to begin a daily routine tomorrow that you can stick to, get you some ideas for your daily routine from some successful people, and 3 different daily routine “styles” to help you tackle one of them beginning tomorrow.

Whether you stick with my routine models or not, I plead with you to stick with a routine.

Making a daily routine can get you full steam ahead in accomplishing those goals and start checking off your life's bucket list and dreams.

Let’s begin reaching your dreams instead of letting life continue to get the upper hand. A daily routine is what you need to see real changes and improvement in your life sooner than later.

Craft YOUR Preferable Life.

How to Start a Routine and Stick to It

First things first.

After you have decided you want to direct your life and you are going to get a daily routine going, you need to first understand these foundational steps to accomplishing anything in life.

You don't want to just start something, but actually stick to it.

That's why before I give you 3 steps to become your best, I want to make sure you have an easy plan for what you're about to embark on so it is something you can stick to.

No more New Year's Resolutions fails and waiting to try again next New Years.

Start and Stick.

1. Launch

Step 1 of starting a routine is to start. The only way you can mess it up is by not doing it at all. Don’t over analyze this if you have no routine at all, that is a mistake rookies make and you’re a PRO!

You’ll have your practically perfect daily routine established soon enough but you can’t spreadsheet or research your way there, you have to start with a good enough guess at first to even know what works and what does not.

Launch it!!

The more time you spend on the launch pad with your engine off, the less time you are flying!

Make a good guess with what you get out of the couple of routine examples later in this post and just launch one of them.

Tomorrow’s too late, launch a routine today!

2. Analyze

Analyze Your Daily Routine

Once you get your first go of a daily routine launched, you immediately realize some things you didn’t know you needed to learn about and prepare for.

That is why launching is so important.

Now it’s time to analyze!

Struggle always happens when you start a new routine.

Moving forward!

Document what is going good in the routine and what is sucking.

What will make the good even better and does what's not working need to be chucked or can it be adapted and improved.

3. Adapt

After a couple of days into your new routine you will need to make some modifications.

It is your preferable life you are creating, not a copy of someone else's.

Give my 3 daily routine examples a go or someone else's, but you WANT to adapt it after trying it out to dial it in and make it yours.

Changes are improvements, and you need to constantly review your method, see which one’s working and which one is not, get rid of routines that have been a fail. Adapt and push forward.

Ready to accomplish huge things with your life?

Launch, analyze, and adapt.

Here are some daily routines of successful people, then I’ll give you 3 daily routine examples so you can launch tomorrow.

4 Common Daily Routines of Highly Successful People That Will Give You Some Ideas to Launch

Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Jack Dorsey… What do these people have in common? (Aside from having $$$$$ in their bank accounts???!)

A routine. This is the common denominator of these wealthy and highly successful guys.

Let’s snoop in the daily routine of these champs and get some ideas on how you can adopt good daily routines in your own lives.

Wake at Sunrise

I’m yet to find someone who wakes at 12 noon and is thriving at life.

Most - if not all - of the successful people I know wake at sunrise or before.

“Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.”

Richard Branson likes to sleep with his curtains open and let the sunlight wake him up. No alarm clock but just the natural light from the sun to get him up each morning - whether he’s at home, on a trip, or elsewhere. Nothing like the sun’s warmth and energy penetrating through the windows to get him super energized and ready to conquer his day!

Other highly successful people take on this same habit and start their day further ahead than the average person - Jack Dorsey, Tim Cook, and Sallie Krawcheck are other early birds who are making it big in whatever project they tackle.

Eat a Healthy Breakfast

You are what you eat.

You eat crap, you feel like crap. You eat good food, then you feel energized and motivated to start the day.

John Legend attests to that fact and munches on a salad, egg, and some whole grain toast for his breakfast.

Richard Branson also does the same thing and opts for some high-fiber breakfast such as a muesli and fruit.

So what’s your breakfast like? Cardboard (almost all cereals and bread) or high-fiber, high-protein and high-energy food?

If you want to be successful in life, you got to take care of your health, and that means getting good food into your tummy first thing in the morning.

Get Your Heart Pumping

Motion changes everything!

Run, walk, bike, swim, play tennis, do some yoga…

Anything to get your blood circulating and your heart pumping.

Oprah Winfrey makes sure she gets 10,000 steps in each day and spends her morning doing yoga.

Mark Zuckerberg exercises first thing in the morning whether it’s a morning jog or a brisk walk.

These folks start their day right, and their mind and body are operating 100% because they are in their best condition from exercise and staying physically active.

Meanwhile, if you just stay on your butt, you’ll feel lethargic and get exhausted easily. Not to mention the increased risk of heart disease typical among sedentary workers…

Stretch those muscles, run, play your favorite sport, anything to make you sweat and feel your best.

Stay Connected

After taking care of your body with good food and exercise, you’ll have the energy to connect with the world.

Successful people make it a point to include being connected and being up-to-date with what’s going on with the world as a part of their daily routine.

Branson goes on social media and responds to emails after breakfast and exercise.

There are many other A-listers and multi-millionaires who do the same thing and stay updated with the world and connect with their followers/ fans/ subscribers as a part of their daily routine.

If you’re a content creator, include in your daily routine responding to emails and engaging with your audience through social media.

But don’t get too crazy about it and spend several hours on it each day.

Set a limit of maybe an hour, then go about your other life necessary activities, blogging, creating YouTube videos, raising the kids, employees etc.

Connect with the world, connect with yourself, expand, grow, thrive!!!

Really sensible habits and these are really a game changer for them. And we’re talking years and years of having these habits and routines cemented in their lives.

Whatever it is they do, they do it every single day of their life without fail.

Their consistency with their routine is what helps them build character and habits that are truly beneficial not only to their health but also to their wealth!

And if that’s not reason enough to start a routine, I don’t know what is!

But here’s the big question - How do you start a routine??!

3 Daily Routine Steps to Become Your Best

Daily Routine Examples to Start-a Daily Routine

Daily routines are rigid but you gotta be fluid at the same time. I ebb and flow between these three daily routine examples.

Distractions are everywhere and next thing you know, the day has already passed and you have barely even completed a task! Then the week, then the month, then years!

No more!

First thing, begin choosing and directing ANY kind of daily routine immediately.

The best daily routine, is having a daily routine.

Direct life, Don’t Drift!

Here are 3 daily routine examples to rock your life.

1. Introduce a One Best Habit to Form a Daily Routine That Sticks

One Best Habit

This is an easy way to start - ONE habit at a time.

What is that number one habit that you want to add?

Do you need to begin a fitness routine? Do you need to start a content creator routine? Do you need to begin an engage with your children more routine?

What is that one habit that you need to get into your life today?

Challenge Life 6 Days at a Time With Your New Habit

Start simple and easy instead of going way over your head and aiming for a full 365-day challenge.

6 days.

Keep doing that new routine, that new habit for 6 days straight without fail.

Add in one habit to incrementally change your life 6 days at a time.

Then after the 6-day period is over, extend it to another 6 days.

Add in another new habit in a 6 day challenge number 2 or 3.

Eventually, your habits for 6 days will turn into a routine for 12 days, 24 days, 30 days, 60 days, 365 days!

You get to where you don’t even think about it and you are doing it on day 7!

6 Day Habit Increases at a time Do 2 Things For You

Small positive changes happen in your life each day because of these new habits, which can improve your life in so many ways.

I have been using this whole life challenge model for almost a year now and it has been a GAME CHANGER!

  1. If you fail on day number 3 or 4, you’re not waiting until next New Year or month to start and try again. You give it another go next week!

  2. It is challenging enough but super accomplishable when you only have to plan 6 days ahead, analyze, and adapt on day 7

Launch, Analyze, and Adapt is forced!!  Woot Woot!

Incremental changes over long periods of time = a new and improved YOU.

Your Preferable Life!

2. Make a List of 6 Priorities to Tackle Tomorrow

Daily routine example number 2.

The important list of 6.

I guess I like the number 6, lol.

Before I get to bed each night, I make a list of the top 6 things that need to be done the next day.

In forming this list of 6 I use some basic prioritization stuff.

Time critical first, Energy next, (sometimes energy trumps time sensitive though), then duration of the task.

It’s a super simple North Star for your day.

What do I need to do next? Or What do I need to do today?

Look at the list of 6.

Facebook is stealing your time, games on your phone, honey do’s, your boss. YouTube is the same way, everything and everybody diverts you from actually creating stuff.

Choose and do 6 things a day.

Create a list of priorities, narrow it down to six, then consider the difficulty level, amount of time and energy required to accomplish them, and put the least important at the bottom.

3. Daily Schedule in 15-minute blocks of time 

Need to take absolute control of your entire day for a little while to dial in this directing life thing?

I’ve had to go back to this rigid time scheduling 15 minutes at a time thing a few times now.

Most recent was when I began making a video every day and began teaching a few times a month. Both were new things I took on and it threw my days for a loop!

Here’s what to do…

Spreadsheet your routine.

Pull up a super basic Google Sheet with the time in one column.

Do you wake up at 4:30 am? Then go start your Spreadsheet at that time up to the time you end your day.

Cheapest most effective day planner out there!

Look at what needs to be done tomorrow, then add it in to the most appropriate times for that task.

Each time you start your day, start knocking stuff out in your list from top to bottom.

Don’t Wait - Begin Launch, Analyze, and Adapt Your Daily Routine Tomorrow

Life is passing you by. Ensure you have zero regrets at the end by controlling your days to control your life.

To live your perfect day everyday!

This daily routine thing is super tough to dial in but when you hit it you’re on cloud 9 and nothing can stop you.

You my friend will be crafting your most preferable life, one day at a time!

Leave me a comment below on which of these daily routine examples you are launching first!

By your side.



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