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Untouched Niche Markets

33,000 Untouched Niche Markets 2019

Is it remotely possible to find an untouched niche market at all?!

I’m sure that question has crossed your mind while thinking about a niche market to get into for your online business.

But what if I tell you that, YES, you can absolutely find a niche that NO ONE else is in.


You have to believe it because it’s true. In fact, there are 33,000 of these untouched niche markets that are simply waiting to be discovered by YOU!

Can you imagine being in a niche where there’s no competition because no one else knows about it except you?

You can go deeper into it, cement yourself as an authority in it, be your audience’s go-to because you’re the first and the best in this niche.

Now I want you to stop dreaming and imagining and get more serious about going down this road. I’ll tell you what you need to do to these untouched niche markets to make you rock them!

Niche Products 2019… And Beyond!

If you’ve been in the niche market research for a while, you’ve probably read about trending niche markets 2019 and some emerging niche markets 2019 that you initially thought you want to get into.

And after learning that these niches are pretty busy and a little overpopulated, you might have felt the pressure of beating the pioneers in these niches. There’s the super popular SEO niche market, health niche market, fitness, motivational, and so on and so forth…

But the question is, when you select a niche market, you don’t want to just think of it as something that’s good for 2019… or for just whatever current year you’re in.

The goal is not to beat the guys who have been first, second, third in that niche.

The goal is to choose a niche market that truly resonates with you, so you can sustain the interest, passion, and momentum to stick to it from 2019 and beyond!

The Most Important Step People Miss When doing Niche Market Research

The Most Important Step People Miss When doing Niche Market Research

They go check what the trending ones are, realize there’s money in the top trending products 2019, and then squeeze themselves in one or more of those niches all because of the money…

Not really because their heart is 100% in it.

And this is how many digital marketers fail.

They lose sight of who they are, of what the essence of getting into a niche is about.

This is why I want to tell you straight that if you’re just serious about getting into a niche all because of money and without a genuine passion for the niche, then you’re already losing the game even before you get in it.

Successful businesses thrive not because they get into a trending niche market.

They succeed because the passion to keep going and offer something of value to their audience is there.

It’s not to overthrow the guy at the number one spot in that niche.

But it’s to be a genuine, authentic person who’s got plenty of value to give to the people who take the time to check out their content, product, or service.

If you just want to be a one-hit wonder, then go ahead and go check out those trending niches in 2019….

But if you want your business to thrive this year, and the next, and the next, then you have to make sure it’s really something that interests you, you’re willing to keep learning and becoming more of an expert in it, and that you actually give your audience something of essence all the time.

Get into a niche that keeps you wanting to learn more and more of it. You don’t feel forced, compelled, or even pressured to be good at it. You simply have that burning desire to get deeper into it because you absolutely love it.

And when passion is there, competition is over.

You no longer feel like kicking some guy out of the top spot. You’re just focusing on yourself and how you can help others with what you do. Far better use of time and energy than always looking the other way and scheming how to go up the ranks.

Rookies do that. They think of themselves as newbies in a niche market because they think it’s populated, so their number one focus is to beat the other guy.

But pros do it differently. They get into a niche that resonates with them, keep aiming to be the best in what they do because they’re passionate about it, keep helping others with what they do, and their audience feels nurtured and listened to because they become an important element of what these pros do.

How Do You Find an Untouched Niche Market?

With so many niches populating the internet and also offline, you’re probably wondering if it’s even possible to find an untapped, untouched, undiscovered niche market…

I’m very sure you can find one because I just did it! And so did several other internet marketers who are the kings and queens in their niche because no one else knew about it before.

So if you want to find the best untouched niche market, you have to do one thing -

Take the time to really know who you are and what drives you.

What are your interests? What are the things you are passionate about?

What’s that topic that makes you want to keep learning more about it?

If you could flip one switch for 1,000,000 people, change just one thing in their life, what would it be?

The best, untouched niche market will come to you once you get clear on these things.

If you still keep on looking the other way, feeling discouraged that hundreds of people have found a niche before you did, then you’re just going to end up searching and wondering for a long time…

So the first thing to do is to look inside you. Know your desires that other people desire to know more of.

No One is in Competition with Your DNA

No One is in Competition with Your DNA

There are actually 7.6 billion untouched niche markets because that is how many people are currently on this earth.

You have a unique code inside of you that no one can duplicate and no one can compete against.

Why only 33k untouched niche markets then?

Because only a few will give up comparing themselves to others, few will show up and work for themselves every day, and few will commit to the processes of getting their voice out in the unique way only they can do.

When you launch, analyze, and adapt dialing in you each day, you live the you that is in your DNA in the only way you can do.

You create from you, what you create becomes the untouched niche market that only you can do.

When you let whatever fears, systems, and consumerisms direct your life for you, then you are conforming to those systems and pressures, instead of living out you.

Instead of being one of the few that will create the untapped niche market that only you can fill.

Do You and Be You in Your Niche Market

There’s no competition in your niche.

You’re not up against another person.

Marketers fail when they always think there’s a competition….

After all, competitions always have winners and losers. And if you’re not a winner, then you’re inevitably a loser.

So that makes this nothing but a silly charade.

The focus of a niche market is not your competitors but you and your audience. Period.

So when you keep that in mind, you don’t feel like you have to prove your worth to someone just to be “successful” in a niche.

You only have to do you, be you, and don’t even think about being someone you’re not.

Be your own voice in what you do whether you’re delivering your message in your YouTube videos or your podcast or your blog posts.

Authenticity can make you succeed in an untouched niche market you have chosen to take.

The moment you become authentic, you no longer become a part of a rat race.

But you are heading to a journey that involves you and your audience.

As you help them grow, you are also growing along.

It’s a journey that your competitors can’t even join because you don’t have competitors to start with.

You are like a lighthouse that simply shines a light on those who need it. And once they see your light shining brightly when they’re lost in the sea of information and confusion all around them, they come to you for guidance.

You just keep giving and giving and giving and not demanding anything in return. Just like the lighthouse analogy.

If they don’t need you, fine. Just keep shining your light, keep being authentic and truly who you are. Others who resonate with your message will find you and will want your guidance.

I hope this helps inspire you to find that untouched niche market that you can journey in to help more people and find meaning with. If you have some questions about this topic or anything at all or maybe you need some help in finding your niche, shoot me a message in the comments section. I’ll be so glad to help you anytime!

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