33,137 Untouched 2020 Niche Markets that are Lucrative
Untouched Niche Markets

33,000 Untouched Niche Markets 2020

Ready to elevate your life? To make a bunch of money AND,

Love what you do EVERY day?!

That is the reward awaiting you when you uncover not just any untapped niche market, but a niche market that comes from you comes out of your unique DNA.

To live your perfect day and monetize from it!

It only requires a smart side Hustle to actualize!

But the content creator side hustle work is the next step; the first step is what we are going to accomplish for you today.

Help you reveal to yourself an untapped niche market that is stored up inside, waiting to be released, to be unleashed!

Where fear has no hold on you because you soar above worry, fear, doubt, and scarcity because you LOVE what you do!

We’ve got to debunk the myth of competition for you, entice you to engage in the new way of successful marketing, and show you how to create a business you LOVE, not just one that makes good money.

You most preferable life!

What is a Niche Market Really?

A niche market is a group of people that have the same problems, goals, dreams, and desires.

This group of people, niche market, are all desiring to get from A to Z in one common goal.

With the power of digital marketing you can connect with 1,000's of these individuals all trying to accomplish this goal, help them on the journey, and have ton of monetization opportunities that move them forward in each step.

So with everything that you do in marketing to your niche, you must remember that you are taking one person, an avatar, along these A to Z steps.

Another way to get a niche market picture clear in your mind is to think of the oldest market you can imagine, an open-air food market in an ancient city.

Why do we call it a market and not a lemonade stand?

Because there is a group of people that have the same problem, they need food.

With the infinite amount of goals and desires in 20​20, finding an untapped niche market is not the difficulty,

Finding an untapped niche market that you LOVE and comes from you is the hard part.

Why it is Critical to Uncover a Niche You LOVE?!

from passion to niche you love

Marketing is getting more difficult and more simple at the same time. It is our modern conundrum.

Difficult because there is so much noise, more simple because niche markets are craving a leader.

When you establish yourself as the leader, the internet world calls it authority marketing, you rise to the top and selling products and services becomes effortless.

You are the go-to.

Because leading is work and our B.S. gauge is over the top,

IF you do not target a niche, (group of people) that you can lead, you will become one of the 1,000’s of blogs, podcasts, YouTube channels, and e-commerce stores that get launched and never take off

What Worked Before Won’t Work in 2019, 2020, 2021

If you’ve been in the niche market research for a while, you’ve probably read about trending niche markets 20​20 and some emerging niche markets 20​20 that you initially thought you want to get into.

There’s the super popular SEO niche, health niche, fitness, motivational, and so on and so forth…

But everything is upside-down now.

Noise is everywhere, distractions are at an all-time high and not slowing down, and digital marketing is even more permeated than ever before.

Competition is more fierce!

But here’s the thing, there is less competition because of it.

When you become aware of this upside downess, you transcend competition and discover that there is no competition.

It appears contradictory, but it is congruent.

The Old Niche Model

See the trends in Google, see the market share of the big niches, health, finance, marketing, put it all on a spreadsheet and start advertising on Facebook or writing a blog.

In 3-months or a year, you have traffic and are selling your stuff, Boom.

broken down niche model

This is not possible anymore because of the ridiculous amount of information already on the web.

The New Niche Market Model

fast track to success niche model

You can’t hide and win anymore. You can’t choose a domain, not show a name and a face and lead.

The Oz behind the curtain has to be revealed to transcend and tap into a niche market.

You have to become burdened by an individuals problems that many other individuals have too, and lead them.

People choose their leaders now,

instead of having them chosen for us.

Untapped Niche Market Examples

You can uncover a niche you can make money in by going through a spreadsheet formula of niching down. I find it a heck of a lot more fun to discover the niche market by going deep within yourself.

Analyzing your past, your future desires, dare I say your purpose.

What’s powerful about going this route is, even if someone enters the same space, when the content you put out comes 100% from you, there is still no competition.


Because of your writing style, your teaching style, your coaching style, is a shape that no one else can duplicate.

As you will see in these niche market examples that many of them are first in the space, but some of the areas overlap with competing niches.

How is it an Untapped Niche Market then?

The 100% organic way to create an untapped niche is to craft it from you as these niche market examples did.

From Banker to Guided Hikes for Healing Coach

healing guided hikes untapped niche market example

Meet Matt, an average dude.

Matt works at a bank and had a life circumstance that many have gone through but few come out on the other side with all of their questions answered, still married, and thriving in their day.

Matt lost his first born son at the age of two.

Super heavy, super hard, for many years Matt and his wife were lost and barely held their marriage together.

Following his intuition, Matt began hiking in the woods a couple of times a week.

In these “In the Woods” experiences, he stumbled upon methods and tactics that helped him to sort through all of the confusion and slowly began the journey from broken to as a whole as possible person again.

The Solution to His Hurt is A Solution for Many

He began to encourage and bring his wife with him on these hikes.

Over time Matt and Alice, in large part from these getting outdoor experiences, found healing, restoration, and it turned into purpose.

Today as a side hustle Matt leads other parents that have had similar experiences, veterans with PTSD, and many other traumatic past experienced individuals on hikes and started a project called the Get Outdoors Project.

How is Matt's Custom Market Going?

Only a year or so in, Matt now has the backing of many University psychological departments, and many psychologists are encouraging their clients to go on these hikes of restoration.

Matt has stumbled into implementing grounding exercises, uncovering ways to get these broken people talking on the hike about their problems, and has seen a crazy 180-degree turnaround and many of them only after one hike.

With the way things are ramping up, this is all Matt is going to be doing with his time, from side hustle to living his dream.

Promoting the benefits of getting Outdoors for healing, training others to leave these hikes of restoration, and be leading hikes for most of his time instead of working his bank job.

Jeremy - Container Gardening in the Backyards of Suburbia

Gardening? That’s a supersaturated niche market!.

Yes, gardening is but not container gardening from heirloom seeds in a suburban backyard. Virtually no one is in this space and Jeremy; the green thumb gardener is carving his path in it.

Jeremy's Home Grown Experiment Turned Internet Passion

Jeremy began gardening for fun with his kids and threw a couple of the videos on YouTube, they took off and now he has a full blown affiliate website that is all about container gardening in backyards and balconies.

Jeremy writes about growing spinach in containers, carrots in containers, tomatoes and more.

Kinda food prepper, kinda organic, kinda gardening, all mixed into one space that has tons of people that want to “get off the grid” but don’t live on a 40-acre homestead in Oregan.

Samantha - Your Miraculous Body

Samantha has been trained and certified in nutrition and gastrointestinal disorders, women's health, and diet and lifestyle intervention.

But women’s nutrition is a little saturated.

During her time of studying, a couple of her friends were diagnosed with IBS.

Reaching out to her teachers, doing a little bit on online research, and checking her extensive textbooks, she found that there is virtually no clear and concise answers for people on how to live with IBS with as little medical intervention as possible

Women's Nutrition, Saturated! IBS Medical field, Saturated! What did Samantha Do?

She found that MD’s only receive small amounts of training to help IBS patients with their life challenges, diet, exercise, mental challenges and began a blog for them.

Writing blogs about IBS diet, herbs for IBS, exercises for IBS, a space no one is in!

She is now coming out with a full blown help for IBS course to offer.

Miles Beckler who has an awesome post on niche market examples, interviewed Samantha after she wrote 90 blogs in 90 days!

There's some incredible value bombs in this video about finding your niche, overcoming internet marketing obstacles, and how her passion has increased after getting deeper and more narrow in this niche.

Successful Golf Coach Turns to Coaching The Business of Golf

The golf niche is saturated right?​

Not teaching how to grow a golf business. You have to figure that out your self or get an MBA that will only help a little.

Meet Harrington Golf Academy

Tad is a sought out golf pro in Ireland, and has grown a very successful golf coaching business.

But, he can only coach one on one for 40ish hours a week and doesn’t just want to trade his time for money anymore.

That is why he is transitioning from coaching golf to a course teaching golf coaches how to grow a golf business.

Coaching golf coaches how to start and grow a golf business?

An untapped market!

How To Unlock One of These 33,000 Untapped Niche Markets in 2020

How all of these niche market examples began their journey into actualizing their life's dream was to,

Delve deep into their past experiences, current skills, and life long passions and problems they will not grow tired of researching and talking about.

You will lose if the niche you choose does not come alongside where you are going in life.

Your unique purpose, the positive shift for the earth (an Untapped Niche Market) that only you can deliver.

It's in there, and we got unlock it for you to transcend the myth of competition and help you rise as the leader in a space.

Will You Show Up Long Enough to Make it?

I don't want to lose you, but some of you I will now lose because discovering and succeeding in an untapped niche market is not easy.

It is simple, but a crap load of work and few are wired for the stick-to-it-iveness required each week to break through, which is super okay!

There is a sad elevation of entrepreneurial life in our time; the entrepreneurs have the larger curse.

That is why there is 33,000 untapped niche markets and not the actual number of 2,566,664,100.

2.5 billion, 1/3 of the earth population because in the designed DNA code, some are employees, some are intrapreneurs, and some are entrepreneurs.

Step 1 To Unlock Your Code is Your Work Preferences

Do you want the work, weight, stress and inevitable balding that comes from every crafted entrepreneur?

If you are risk-averse, intimidated by people, looking for the fast way to make quick cash instead of the long road of success you might not be wired the necessary way to lead a niche market.

When times get tough, your lights get cut off, are you going to get a job and toss in the towel, or are you going to go door to dooring and bang out the cash to get your lights back on?

When a problem with a client arises, are you going to ignore them reaching out, and get a new client, or own your miss and apologize to their face?

Can you embody delayed gratification and patience for a more significant reward at the end of struggle?

These are the real questions you must answer to know if you should throw any money or time at selling products and services to a niche market.

Because you CAN create anything you dream in our time, but what you create you will HATE if it is not in alignment, coming alongside your unique code.

The Most Important Step People Miss When doing Niche Market Research

They go check what the trending ones are, realize there’s money in the top trending products 2020, and then squeeze themselves in one or more of those niches all because of the money…

Not really because their heart is 100% in it.

And this is why digital marketers fail.

They lose sight of who they are, of what the essence of getting into a niche is about.

This is why I want to tell you straight that if you’re just serious about getting into a niche all because of money and without a genuine passion for the niche, then you’re already losing the game even before you get in it.

Successful businesses thrive not because they get into a trending niche market.

They succeed because the passion to keep going and offer something of value to their audience is there.

It’s not to overthrow the guy at the number one spot in that niche.

But it’s to be a genuine, authentic person who’s got plenty of direction to deliver and they emerge as the number one for that audience.

Can You Create a Business You Love?

No One is in Competition with Your DNA

If you could flip one switch for 1,000 people, change just one thing in their life, what would it be?

The best, untouched niche market will come to you once you get clear on this.

What improvement in 1,000 people's lives do I want to be remembered for?

You only need 1,000 true fans to make a killer living.

Here is why you will win.

No One is in Competition with Your DNA

When you launch, analyze, and adapt dialing in you each day, you live the you that is in your DNA in the only way you can do.

When you create from you, what you create is 1,711 trillion pieces of uniqueness.

Each cell in you, has 46 unique chromosomes, and you have 37.2 trillion cells forming you.

That's a TON of Uniqueness!

When you let whatever fears, systems, and consumerisms direct your life for you, then you are conforming to those systems and pressures, instead of living out you.

Living out your unique you focused on a journey a group of people are on, their goals you can help them with.

You become the leader, authority of this untapped niche market that only you can uniquely lead.

Your heart, your voice, your burning desires and passions.

Do You and Be You in Your Online Business

There’s no competition in your niche.

You’re not up against another person.

Marketers fail when they always think there’s a competition….

After all, competitions always have winners and losers. And if you’re not a winner, then you’re inevitably a loser.

So that makes this nothing but a silly charade.

The focus of a niche market is not your competitors but you and your audience. Period.

So when you keep that in mind, you don’t feel like you have to prove your worth to someone just to be “successful” in a niche.

You only have to do you, be you, and don’t even think about being someone you’re not.

Be your own voice in what you do whether you’re delivering your message in your YouTube videos or your podcast or your blog posts.

Authenticity can make you succeed in an untouched niche market you have chosen to take.

The moment you become authentic, you no longer become a part of a rat race.

But you are heading to a journey that involves you and your audience. 

As you help Your 1,000 Fans Accomplish Their Goals,

It’s a journey that your competitors can’t even join because no one can compete with you when your you.

You are a lighthouse that simply shines a light on those who need it. 

Two steps ahead is all you need to be to lead them to the next step.

And once they see your light shining brightly when they’re lost in the sea of information and confusion all around them, they come to you for guidance.

You just keep giving and giving and giving and not demanding anything in return. Just like the lighthouse analogy.

If they don’t need you, fine. Just keep shining your light, keep being authentic and truly who you are. Others who resonate with your message will find you and will want your guidance.

Do you more and more every day, get your message out with a smart side hustle, and your currently untapped niche market will emerge as the right people connect with your content.

If you disagree, let's arm wrestle in the comments, If this challenged you and showed the fact that you can live out you and monetize from yourself let me know below!

Direct Your Life, Don't Drift


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Keep on providing helpful information because people, out there are hungry for it.

Stephanie Parker - April 6, 2020

I’m grateful for your post, Josh.

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