ABOUT US – Josh & Holly from Preferable Life

We’re Josh and Holly, we call ourselves HoJo, 

The biggest question, the ultimate life game as far as we can tell at this time is being able to answer the question every day of, 

What did I do today that no one else could?

When you are able to answer that question and love the thoughts, deeds and actions that no one else could do but you, 

  • You are then the beautiful stone cut out without human hands and engaging with God in the unique and hidden name that only you and He know.

A decade ago or so we named our home HoJo’s Haven.

We quickly learned that by simply naming our home something, required discipline, grit, commitment, the correct thoughts and goals, and many more things in order to actualize a dream that we had in our hearts.

Our daily experiences and obstacles we encountered quickly showed us that there is no overnight fix to make anything worthwhile a reality, there is not one front only to attack and actualize a dream that God has placed inside.


Over time we learned that there are six dimensions of what makes a human a human, of what makes a life a life.

  1. Thoughts,
  2. feelings,
  3. heart (or will),
  4. body,
  5. social context,
  6. and soul.

And that the fundamentals of those dimensions are asset buckets that you possess and use, time and money in order to make all glimpses of a dream, a reality.


Our hope with preferable life is that by sharing the many mistakes we have made, lessons we have learned and are still learning can help you to, as quickly as possible, think about and take action in learning and living a life that you love.

Over seasons of exploring, analyzing, and adapting, you can avoid many of the mistakes that we made and more quickly than us, discover and live out your preferable life.


Preferable –  more desirable or suitable, something that you would rather have.

Life – what you think about and do with your time, money, and body.


Building from models that you deem as good, and creating a 100% unique to you, life, work and vocation, uncovering the greatest good inside of you.

You are a creative made in the image of a creator, you have powerful words, you possess and use money, and you have a body which is the central command station of your thoughts, creations, money and words.

It takes discipline, reliance, and over time uncovering and establishing your individual beautiful personality.

From that place only, is where the on earth as it is in heaven, the Kingdom of heaven and the range of Gods effective will is experienced within your dominion.


Heaven on Earth is the experience in your life, 

Loving your neighbor as yourself is then a reality, 

and it’s all automatic because of great ingrained habits.


The character and your identity are all in alignment in your kingdom, the range of your effective will.

We hope that our creations (the range of our effective will) inspire you to keep showing up for your life, and from there, like ripples from a stone thrown into a pond, positive impact from your life then occurs in others and the world.


We’re by your side,


Josh and Holly

Preferable Life