Don’t Just Dream, You Need to CREATE!

7 Creative Ideas to Improve Your Life by Creating Something

Don’t Just Dream, You Need to CREATE!

How many ideas have you had in your life?

Business ideas, product ideas, raise your kids better ideas, side hobby ideas, engage with your spouse better ideas?

You have ideas every day.

How many of them do you implement?

If you're anything like I used to be it is probably almost NONE of them!

It is time to create something!!

It doesn't matter how big or small it is, what matters is that you begin to manifest you. To define and live you out!

Want to increase in self-awareness? Want to know your passion in life? Want to fire your boss!?

Beginning this creating thing is the absolute most fundamental step to them all!

Build your dream, not someone else’s by creating something. Anything!

Why You Need to Create?

Experts agree that the average person thinks about 50,000 thoughts a day. And if we break that down into the number of thoughts your mind thinks per hour, that’s around 2,500 to 3,300.


I’m pretty sure as you read this post, as you read this sentence right now, thoughts are coming in, right?

It’s one thing to think. It’s another to create something worthwhile and valuable from these thoughts. To turn them into a reality.

Let’s define create

Create is bringing something into existence.

It doesn't matter what it is. It doesn't matter how big or small it is. It matters that you create something, you physically manifest, physically finish, physically complete any one thing.

Just choose one of those great ideas you have today and do something with it!

A friend of mine about five months ago began documenting, began challenging life and creating.

Writing, documenting on video, gardening, walking and exercising. And she's lost like 30 pounds or something crazy like that.

One of my clients had an opening in their company and reached out to me to see if I knew anybody.

I told them about her story and what she's been doing for the last three to five months. And he said, That's exactly what I want!

He actually gave her 25% of the company to come and join him and partner with him and collaborate with him!

I'm not saying that if you start creating something tomorrow, that four months from now, five months from now, the same kind of opportunity will happen for you.

But what I am saying is that four of five months from now you will absolutely

-Know more about yourself
-Have some stuff physically manifested that makes you happy
-Be on your way to living you out.

As You Make or Create Something You Craft a Life of No Regrets!

What do those living in nursing homes at the end of their life regret?

They regret what they were not able to do.

Places to visit, missed time with family and friends, not taking risks to accomplish dreams that they had.

They don’t regret missing the 23rd episode of Andy Griffith, not getting the watch that was the coolest when it came out, not being able to buy a new car every year.

A fundamental in living a life of no regrets is

Creating more than you Consume.

When you shift to creating more than you consume, your unique place in the universe can be fulfilled and you can bring the shift for the earth that is yours to bring.

All of that happens when a life discipline of creating is employed. 

7 Creative Ideas to Begin to Create Something

Build Your Dream Not Someone Else’s Sooner Than Later Because You’re Living On Borrowed Time

Want to know how to create?


You start.

Begin taking an idea and bringing something into existence.

Physically manifesting, physically finishing.

Here are a few ways to begin this powerful, creating, life shift!

Create or Join A Group That Creates Stuff

Create a Group That Creates

Generate accountability when you involve others into your new focus on creativity and have comradery while you're creating!

Have kids? Create a once or twice a month creating activity around your or your kid's interests.

We have music night at our house. And we don't just play covers and read music. That is creating music but we shoot for creating our own music. Create, write, and craft tunes out spontaneously.

Want to raise bees, crochet, carve things out of wood, become an author?

Start with a group of friends that are interested too and begin to create around a common interest. There are also meetups in your local area of many activities and interests. Find a group that's local and join them. Most are free!

Want to begin Homebrewing?

So do 5 of your friends! Begin a homebrew man day and have a freaking blast for a few hours prepping your wort, having a brew, and talking about life while you're creating 5 more gallons of beer!

Begin Actualizing An "Had Too Long" Idea

Create Your Ideas - Start em Up

What idea has been in the back of your mind for YEARS that someone needs to invent? Someone needs to create? A shift that needs to happen in an industry or philosophy?

Take small steps everyday to discipline yourself toward achieving it.

If it’s a huge project, let’s start improving in this creating discipline without a too lofty of one.

You don’t want to start and 7 days in give up because it is too massive and large.

Let’s say you have an idea for a new project management system.

You gotta learn a bunch of crap to build that!

Instead of beginning to tackle that tomorrow. Let’s create 5 apps or games over the next 2-months.

You have to give your head fast wins when learning and implementing new habits.

You can create a mini-game in a few hours, then show it to a few friends, and you have a mental pat on the back, you wake up tomorrow look at yourself in the mirror and have a

Atta boy! You built that yesterday!

Begin Creating Content

This is probably my favorite. ​

It forces you into a ridiculous amount of beneficial disciplines and no other exercise will put you on a faster track of self-awareness.

It also can help you to start to build an audience which gives you options for a different future than the path you are on now.  Or at least another potential revenue stream.

Begin Creating Content - A Blog

Create Content by Documenting Not Creating

The easiest way to Create Content is with Gary V’s Document Don’t Create philosophy.

That is how my journey started.

I made up a fake name and created a YouTube channel. Didn’t tell a soul about it except the wife and began documenting my experiences starting a woodworking business.

5-months later I had 17 subscribers! Success, LOL

A TON of things happened to me during this 5-month time period.

It was the largest self-aware discovering 5-month period of my life.

I can’t say all of it was because of the YouTube channel, I was creating a TON during this time.

Creating YouTube videos, creating a website, funnels, and social media posts for the business, and creating stuff out of wood.

Looking back on those videos now what it has shown me the most is Who Am I when I am not trying to please anybody when I am just being me on camera.

It has kind of been a benchmark, north star guiding thing to check against now that I am in the “Public” eye.

Want to Expedite Your Content Creator Habits?

Try THREE 90-day content creator challenges, LOL

I say three because that is how many it took me to try to actually accomplish one.

First one - FAIL didn't have the big enough why

Second one - Fail didn't only want to talk internet marketing, we'll call it a wrong niche

Third one - found my Purpose (big why), know my broad niche, working on refining that

Being found via search is the main thing that matters in this content creator journey and you have three places for that

Written Word, Video, or the Spoken Word

The fastest way to break into a business that comes from you is to just start creating content.

This 90-day challenge will force you to breakthrough and shorten your learning curve of the obstacles you will have to overcome.

The only competition is you in this game. Figure out your way but have the search as your fundamental.

Blog, YouTube, or a Podcast

Here's how TOUGH this is!!  Super rewarding though!!!

Create Something and In a Little While You Will Love Yourself Better

Build an entryway table, write an email encouraging a friend, paint a picture, make a video!!

Create what has already popped into your mind…. NOW!

The time to get off the couch and begin to actualize your life is today.

You will LOVE the feeling that it brings you when your creation is manifested and you can look back and admire what you created.

Accelerate the endorphins in your body and feel good every time you think about what you created, share a picture of it with someone, and see it even when you aren’t thinking about it.

Then create again!

A short while from now you will know more stuff about yourself, have a bunch of things to analyze and adapt.

This is the fundamental to begin directing your life instead of drifting.

To live out the successful life formula, Launch, Analyze, and Adapt. (Launch = Create :p)

Tomorrow is too late, create today.

Let me know what you are going to create in the comments below! I want to come alongside ya!


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