The 5 Most Important Things in Life – Nail These and Get Out What is Not Important for Your Preferable Life


What are the important things in life?

No, let me rephrase that question.

What’s the most important thing in YOUR life? And do you spend each day enjoying, savoring, and prioritizing those things over those that are not important in life?

I’m going on a “get rid of some stuff” rampage, and it is causing me to think of experiences and things I am going to miss out on, causing me to stare at the question “what is important in life?” in the face.

If this is something you have not thought about before, you have to start thinking about it NOW.

Not tomorrow, not next Monday, but today.

The more you understand the good things in life that you should prioritize, the more meaning and depth there will be in each waking moment you have.

And considering how short life is, why should you wait before you can have these most important things in life?

I’ll tell you mine, and you can tell me yours later…

Here are my 5 Most Important Things in Life

I was a woodworker for a while and I built this arsenal of awesome tools to cover the foundations of any project I would need to do for my business.

We are selling these tools that are cluttering our garage because they have not been turned on for over a year.

Doing this selling rampage thing, I am organically experiencing the “You don’t know what you got until you lose it” thing and it is showing me what is really important to my heart.

And I want to make each day bring me closer to the most important things in life…

Here Are The 5 Most Important Things In Life

They say age gives you wisdom.

I completely agree, so I love it each time I blow my birthday candles!

But for the most part, I think just really realizing the value of life and how short it just gives you the wisdom you need to make the best out of what you’ve got. And to be the best version of yourself each day.

With that note, here is the important stuff in life that should be on your priority list:

Your Purpose, Your Calling

1) Your Purpose, Your Calling

You are the only you there is. You have a unique DNA, unique skills, unique emotional responses, and only you can bless others in the way that you can.

You have to know your purpose and your calling in life, then walk in it! You have a voice that others need to hear. You have actions that others need to feel.

The greatest emotional fulfillment you will experience is when you help someone’s day and life in the only way that you can. It’s when we touch other’s lives that our life becomes richer, fuller, more meaningful…

No man is an island. We are people who need people, so be the kind of person who is giving, helping, and reaching out to others.

That’s how your life becomes deeper, and that’s how you find meaning in everything that you do and all that you are.


2) Relationships

In getting rid of some of this stuff, the ones that I am sad parting with are the ones that I could have an experience with my kids and the tool.

The table saw is more practical and can do tons more than a bandsaw or a lathe, but I don’t feel like I am missing out on anything by selling the table saw.

The lathe however, I have had dreams of sitting beside my daughter helping her carve bowls, decorations, custom design things at the lathe.

The same thing with the bandsaw, I have made some wooden swords and such for the kids, and I have been eager to do this creating thing with my boys on the bandsaw. Carve a car, carve a sword, carve whatever, standing beside them as they create a unique design, as we have a relational experience making something fun together.

I don’t really care that I won’ t have a bandsaw or lathe, I care that I am not going to have these bonding experiences with my kids.

It has made me think that if I lost my house, I wouldn’t really care that I don’t have these walls for us to live in. BUT I would miss creating connections with my wife, my kids, friends, and family in the four walls, not the walls we are in.

Christians miss one-third of the greatest commandment, Love your neighbor as yourself.

That “as yourself” statement is a given; You love yourself and then you can love your neighbor.

Which leads me to the next most important thing.

Physical, Emotional Health, and Spiritual Health

3) Physical, Emotional Health, and Spiritual Health

To ensure you have the energy and well being to engage in these relationships and your life’s purpose, you have to have your health.

I’m talking about your physical health and a full cup of emotional health, not a half full tank of weak gas.

Love yourself and take care of your physical and emotional health so you can do these most important things in life. Without it you can not engage fully in relationships nor have the energy to create, bless, and engage in your relationships.

You gotta create.

4) You gotta create.

When I was packing up the lathe to deliver, I felt, “Man how would my day have been enhanced over the last year if everyday I flipped on the lathe and carved for 15 minutes?!”. Not trying to make anything to sell, but just get lost in creating something artsy. My best times in my morning time are creating music from the guitar and singing spontaneously over that new creation.

You got to create from you, just because it rejuvenates you and you are the only one that can create like you.

No other crazy reasons to create. Just the sheer fun, passion, and excitement you have about creating.


5) Time

Man, time REALLY flies. In getting rid of this stuff it is making me think, this lathe is going to be gone tomorrow, I need to make one more bowl, craft one more thing on it before it is gone.

If we apply this, today is the last day thought everyday in all of the other

You only have today. How do you create, engage in those relationships, take care of your physical and emotional health, fulfill your purpose if you are not focused on how you spend your time?

There are two choices that we make every minute of every day:

Am I using these minutes to check out and be passive, or am I directing this minute on the things that are really important to me.

I am not saying never watch a movie, have a down time sitting in the yard staring at the blue sky, but when we have to have those things to survive, to make it through our day, we have a problem.

Cherish and Grow the Most Important Things in Your Life

Cherish and Grow the Most Important Things in Your Life

You have a choice each day to live life as if it’s your last or to live as though life never ends…

Unfortunately, when you think life never ends, it causes you to take things for granted. Sometimes, even the most important things in life.

You think your family will always be there, that there will always be plenty of time, that you will always have your health.

But none of these is true. These things will NOT always be there.

We are living in borrowed time, so we have to make the most out of each day and grow closer to the good things in life.

Money is not the most important thing in life. It will not love you back, it will not be your one and only friend and partner.

So if you honestly think are not engaged in the most important of these other things, the purpose only you can fulfill, the relationships you want to be a part of, the physical and emotional fuel tanks, and the creativity only you can bring…

Then make a shift and realize the most important things in YOUR life. And invest your time and energy in them more.

I’d love to hear from you, do you think I missed an important thing in life? Was there an aha moment for you in hearing my most important things in life?

Leave me a comment i’d love to know.

If this helped you out give me a thumbs up, and follow along because these are the things that we are going to be hearing from our interviews and talking about, because it is the foundation to have a preferable life.

Get some stuff outta your life to make sure you are really focusing and spending your energy on these most important things.

You will live a most preferable life when you can be engaged in these life filling important things.

I’ll catch ya on the next one.


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