What is a Niche Market? 31 Successful Niche Ideas after COVID

A niche market is a group of people that have the same problems, goals, dreams, or desires. This group of people, niche market, are all desiring to get from A to Z in common goals.

A way to get a niche market picture clear in your mind is to think of the oldest market you can imagine, an open-air food market in an ancient city. Why do we call it a market and not a lemonade stand?

Because there is a group of people, niche, that have the same problem. They need food—a market.

There are many overlooked niche markets that need a guide.

Here’s how to ensure you are marketing to a hungry niche.

Niche Marketing

With the power of digital marketing, you can connect with 1,000’s of these individuals, a niche market, all trying to accomplish a congruent goal.

But this is the problem.

Because of the ability to connect with thousands, you miss everyone.

When you shift to marketing for (yes for, not to) one person instead of a niche. Help that individual on their journey. You move an entire market–niche– forward in micro steps and then have tons of monetization opportunities.

So with everything that you do in marketing to your niche, you must remember that you are taking one person—an avatar—along A to Z steps.

With this in mind, every piece of content you create—ads, blogs, videos, etc need to be focused on ONE of these niche examples.

When you aim small you will connect with a market of individuals hungry for your messages and products and hit the target every time.

Niche Examples for 2021

What happened after Covid?

A phase in the world began to shift, this book, The Fourth Turning, written in 1997 explains—and predicted an event like Covid in 2019, 2020.

  • And it happened.

Check out the book here, but we are now entering from a “fourth turning” to a “first turning.”

The “first turning” will last from 2020-2043ish, it is a season of “building a new world.” Here are the “buckets” of niches that will be profitable for the next 20+ years because of the transition.

1. Embrace the New and Now

Here are 5-niches that people will need help to accomplish “the new and now” era:

  1. Clarifying vision,
  2. How to become a leader,
  3. How to take actions as opposed to researching,
  4. Being encouraged,
  5. Having a positive mindset,

Any one of these “embracing the new and now” niche ideas has room for plenty of books, courses, membership programs, consulting sessions, and more.

2. Improve Family Time

family time

In a “first season” family, a home, is the reliable place to launch a new life. Profitable niches would involve anything from

  1. Creating a happy home atmosphere, the physical space, to
  2. What to do at home that improves family time.

3. Strengthen Self-Culture

True happiness during “first seasons” is much more important than impressing anyone. Popular culture, fitting in, looking right will be dead.

When you help people figure out what makes them happy and live it, tons of opportunities.

4. Cultivate Rules for Life

In a “first season” a new world is being built, people currently and will continue to need help with discovering:

    1. Who they are, self-awareness
    2. What they believe— think about
    3. What are the best rules, the best philosophy

Again, plethoras of books, courses, and ongoing programs will be necessary to fill this immense need for “Cultivating rules for life.”

5. Raising Adults

Instead of raising children, from 2020-2043ish, the focus of families will be—raising leaders instead of churning out test passers.

This will occur from homeschooling and other various courses and programs that empower parents to raise adults including children’s programs for:

  1. Art
  2. Music
  3. Writing
  4. Inventing
  5. Building

and more!

6. Meaning is a Central Focus

Yes, the world, souls are starving and will continue to crave for—meaning.

You may have scores and scores of ideas that empower individuals to “know that they matter,” a large hole that needs filling during a first season.

7. Serving

  1. Widows
  2. Orphans
  3. Grandparents
  4. The elderly
  5. The sick
  6. and any who are down or struggling.

Help people learn how to serve in one of these areas and walk in it, a profitable niche established.

8. Marriage

Healthy marriages will be a central focus of life.

Can you help marriages thrive?

Because of the desire to raise leaders, the need for family time, and a strong self-culture, millions are and will continue to crave—a marriage that thrives.

9. Leadership Education

Some call this, an impact education. Raising leaders as mentioned above, but lost adults are craving this too.

  1. Know how to empower adults to lead?
  2. Know how to empower parents to lead their kids?
  3. Have ideas for kid programs that empower the raising of leaders?

These are and will continue to be extremely profitable niches.

10. Entrepreneurship

Since a new world is being built, a first season is a thriving time for entrepreneurship.

This means two things:

  1. You should be an entrepreneur during a first season
  2. Millions will need help beginning and becoming successful entrepreneurs

Build a business to change the world, or if you already know how:

  • Help others start and succeed in their unique entrepreneur journey.

11. Individual and Team Empowerment

Individuals and organizations will all need help learning and accomplishing these skills and achievements in a  first season world:

  1. How to save money and build wealth
  2. Hot to be creative and inventive
  3. How to have inner resilience
  4. How to grow ambition

Volumes and volumes of content ideas, seminars, courses and books will be needed for each of those important niches from 2020-2043.


The secret to niche marketing success is simply this:

Write 15-20 how to “what” and Best “what” for who blog articles, click here to learn how to do that.

These types of content will reveal to you:

The perfect niche that comes alongside your personality and mission—that will also connect and begin to generate 1,000 true fans.


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