9 Revealing Reasons Why Creativity Is Important

9 Revealing Reasons Why Creativity Is Important

"Instead of thinking out of the box, get rid of the box." - Deepak Chopra

9 Revealing Reasons Why Creativity Is Important

When’s the last time you felt so free and fully alive?

In a world where conformity takes the center stage, it can be tough to bring out your fullest potential. It makes you feel so restricted, limited, and maybe even numbed out to feel and think differently from the rest of the society.

Conformity and the monotony of life have clipped our wings and caused us to accept that the usual way of doing things is “normal”.

But you are made for something much bigger than just going with the flow and sticking with the humdrum-ness of things.

You are a unique and extraordinary creature made of intellect, reason, emotions, and a hell lot of creativity.

So why silence that surging creative spirit waiting to be unleashed just for the sake of conforming to the norm?

When’s the last time you felt so free and fully alive

Perhaps it is that fear of being wrong or being labeled as different that makes people think twice about voicing out a novel idea or thought.

Or maybe they’re just used to how things are, and doing the alternative is pushing the envelope, shaking things up, causing tension, and instigating a face-to-face encounter with the unknown.

But here’s a question - are things really good as they are right now? What if you can actually make your life much easier, the business flow much smoother, and how you feel about things much better by allowing those brilliant ideas come out?

It’s because of someone’s creativity that you’re watching those super cool YouTube videos, or chatting with your friend from another continent through Skype, Facetime, or other chat tools, and reading this stuff I’m telling you right now.

Creativity brought us to highly efficient modes of transportation, communication, and shopping. Basically, it has raised the bar with the way we do things.

But larger than the outcome of some transformational invention, the inventors were free. They had the thought, the creative expression and followed through with action.

No fear of man, no stifling, no worry, no apathy, just took what was implanted in their mind and actualized it.

And you can make it happen!

Why is creativity important? For a number of reasons!

Let me share with you these 9 reasons why you should unleash that creativity inside of you and not hold it in any longer.

Why is Creativity Important?

Regardless of where you are in life, you may be a student, a business owner, a housewife, or a freelancer, developing creativity is essential in your daily activities. The importance of creativity is tremendous, and it’s because of this trait that you can become a problem-solver, critical thinker, good decision maker, and productive in any task you get your hands on.

Below are some of the things that can give you enough reasons to harness this trait and use creativity in business, handling personal tasks, and approaching any situation that comes your way.

1. Find solutions to problems.

1. Find solutions to problems.

Creative people don’t view problems as obstacles, but more of as opportunities. Maybe they got laid off on their job, missed a turn while driving, or they’ve been trying so hard to get more clients yet without much success.

No matter how big or small their concerns are, these don’t ruffle their feathers. Instead, they come up with creative, practical ideas to solve these problems that come their way.

Employer gave you the boot? Maybe it’s time to think of a different job that’s more in line with your hobbies, interest, personality. Perhaps something that can give you more freedom to work where you want to be.

Missed that turn on the road? Could be a great time to explore a possible new route to your destination, maybe a shortcut, even.

Client acquisition has been a tough ordeal? Brainstorming with the team, getting some mentoring from business gurus and maybe taking your marketing strategies to the next level could make a huge difference.

With a creative mind, nothing is impossible!

It’s why creativity is important for any individual to work around a challenging situation, accomplish things, and create something beautiful out of a seemingly negative experience.

2. Improve critical thinking through creativity.

Have you been having a hard time making those crucial decisions?

Creativity is great for that!

When you need to make an important decision with your business, school, or job, it helps to be creative. Review your daily experiences, try to recall a situation you’ve been to that is similar to what you’re facing right now. There are little clues you can use by simply taking a look at some kind of a pattern between the past and the present.

2. Improve critical thinking through creativity.

One effective way to hone your creativity that can help you enhance your critical thinking skills is by journaling.

onal development.

Maybe to you, it’s more like writing about daily events, things you did and different encounters you had for the day.

Or you may be in the mood for some poetry and just express your thoughts and emotions through doodling.

All of these activities encourage your thoughts and ideas to flow freely - no attempts to perfection necessary.

And once thoughts flow without judgment, how can you not possibly make the best decisions? Sometimes all it takes is for you to trust yourself, be confident in what you can do, and believe that your decisions are all for the best because they’re well thought out.

3. Don’t sweat the small stuff and view the big picture.

You may be a leader in your company, or a student working hard to earn a college degree. Whatever it is that you are, being creative allows you to see the big picture instead of wasting time sweating the small stuff.Sometimes it can be easy to get lost in insignificant, unnecessary thoughts and hover on these for a while. But dwelling on these can only bring your spirit down, make you lose hope, and curb that drive to get to your goal.

Maybe it’s time to explore on the importance of creativity and see for yourself how this skill can change your life for the better!

Creative folks think bigger and devote their energy on going towards the bigger picture. You can see sculptors, artists, and musicians who don’t get discouraged easily when the path towards their end goal is tough and challenging. Focusing more on the big picture as they go along the process is their game, and this is what leaders can achieve from creativity. Shift your mind and energy to a more creative and art-centric perspective and really, don’t bother sweating the small stuff.

4. You become more productive when you’re creative.

Idle time has no space in a creative person’s routine. There’s always something fun, meaningful and worthwhile going on in their lives because their fertile mind moves them more to create and actualizing those spawned ideas.

And if you’re never idle, that makes you a highly effective and efficient person, making great use of your time!This is why creative people perform well in any industry or field they get into. Their mind is always brimming with ideas to make things better, thus promoting productivity.

Looking to be more productive?

Try getting that power nap or just emptying your mind for a few minutes.

Sounds counterintuitive, but the more you declutter your mind, relax your body, and breathe deeply, the easier it will get for novel, game-changing ideas can enter your brain. Brilliant ideas are like butterflies; the more you chase them, the more they flee from you.

4. You become more productive when you’re creative.

So it would be good to catch those ZZZs, maybe take a little stroll on the nearby park or garden, or listen to calming music to let those creative ideas come in.

5. Creativity promotes confidence.

When’s the last time you created something really spectacular that wowed a crowd?

Maybe it’s a heartfelt poem you have written, a striking artwork with a haunting afterglow to the on-looker, or a scrumptious meal that deserves an encore.

No matter what it is that you’ve created that got people raving about it, there’s a surge of confidence inside of you that feels so so good. And we all love having that kind of feeling.

Perhaps you’re far from being a PIcasso. Or there’s no trace of Mozart in your DNA. But you can just create something that you really love or passionate about, and that’s enough to make you feel great about yourself.

Publish that amazing photo you’ve captured during one of those spontaneous hikes you took, or add some art to your homecooked meal and make it Instagrammable. Whatever it is, create, share to the world, and reap that feel-good effect that your awesome creation brings.

6. Stimulate positivity through creativity.

6. Stimulate positivity through creativity.

Beauty has the same impact on any person. Admiring, watching, creating, listening to something beautiful makes you feel good all over.

So if you’re feeling a little down, it helps to create something - anything that’s beautiful in your own eyes.

It could be a simple doodle as you mess around with your crayons and pencils, or maybe strum the guitar and work on those cool riffs you’ve been practicing, or you can also sit in the garden with your journal and write about your thoughts.

The thing about artistic expression is there are no rules. It’s just free flowing. You don’t have to be perfect, but you just “be”. And the fact that you don’t judge your work is a good practice to stay positive with other things in your life whether it’s dealing with difficult people, challenging tasks, and so on.

7. Eliminate stress.

Creative expressions are excellent stress-busters.

Maybe you have that strong passion for painting.

Or singing your heart out just lift you high all the time.

Dancing could be your oxygen.

Become deeply absorbed in your creative expressions to replace those stress hormones with happy, feel-good chemicals in your brain.

No wonder we hear about people who go to karaoke bars, paint, draw, work on their embroidery, bake, or hit the dance clubs after a stressful day at work. These activities allow their creative selves to come out and unwind instead of running out of steam from getting stressed with work.

8. Strengthen logical reasoning.

8. Strengthen logical reasoning.

Have you ever tried making an important decision after coming home from work and dealing with a stressful commute?

Not very easy isn’t it?

And most of the time, staying logical can be tough when our brain is already super tired and fatigued. It can only handle so much, after all!

When you overthink and analyze things way too much to the point of mental exhaustion, that doesn’t really help in making you more logical.

Creative thoughts enter easily when you’re relaxed. You can think clearly, which allows you to make better and smarter decisions.

Meditation is good for enhancing creativity and logic. Focus more on your breathing, and this can eventually quiet your mind and build peace and calm within.

Best decisions are made from having a clear mind, so move towards relaxing your brain through deep breathing and meditation. Plus these habits also invite creative ideas to come in!

9. Creativity paves the way to improvement.

It’s easy for people to just be contented with the way things are.

There might be a better and more efficient way of doing things, but perhaps you don’t bother exploring the alternative because of complacency.

But what if your creative idea can be just what’s needed to improve the flow in the business, your annual profit, or it might give value to someone’s life? Why hold out on all these things when you can make them happen by simply allowing your creativity to flow?

Creative expressions such as drawing, dancing, playing a musical instrument, journaling, scrapbooking can uplift your mood, keep you relaxed, and let you become a better observer. As you open up your senses, you may be looking at the same things others see, but your thoughts vary from theirs.

Once you think out of the norm, out of the ordinary, and you stop doubting those thoughts, you may be able to formulate a solution to a problem or a technique to improve your work, relationships, and personal development.

Don’t think too hard about creativity

Don’t think too hard about creativity

I love music. LOVE music!

An experience I have crafted for my kids is having as many instruments available to them in our house as possible.

Recently I was moving our drum set to a different part of the room that it was in.

After moving it, I wanted to get it set up, cymbals in the right spot, snare drum height, etc.

So I began to play to feel if it is all in the right spot.

Now I am not a drummer!  Love to beat on them and I can hold a beat but  you wouldn’t want me as your go to drummer for any kind of show.

A new experience for me happened while I was playing on them this time.

There were moments in playing where my brain was turned off and I was simply feeling the playing and doing what furthered me into this “free” space.

Now my personality type is a super spreadsheet data analyzer C.P.A. kind of guy.

I have craved for this, I just do it for the art of it feeling, my whole entire life.

In that zone I regretted the new placement of the drums because of where the drummer is sitting they can see out the room opening into the hall and people can also see directly in.

Now my personality type is a super spreadsheet data analyzer C.P.A. kind of guy.

It made me see that my kids might perform for the passersby instead of play in their own little world because I began to want to play cool to attract a crowd of a couple of my kids.

It made me realize that likely the amazing drummers, the ones that transcend when they play, are not playing for others but instead are playing from inside of themselves.

Tuned into what is it that I want to do, what do I feel, what makes me alive and just do it while on their drum throne.

If you could be in that zone most of your day, How amazing would you feel? What could you accomplish? How free would your entire life be?

If I could let go of trying to play for a crowd and get to that place of creating just for me, then that can make a huge difference in allowing my creative juices to keep flowing.

Developing Creativity One Step at a Time

To be creative, you don’t have to try too hard.

Simple things can help you hone your creativity.

Doodle, write in your journal, sing out loud, work on a scrapbook, strum that guitar, do some quilting or embroidery… Anything that floats your boat!

But the most important thing about developing creativity is you should get rid of your judgment. Stop labeling your work as ugly or substandard or horrible.

Creativity and perfection don’t really go well together.

Creative people are not afraid to take risks, make mistakes, be labeled as wrong, and fail.

They’re not afraid of failure. They’re in it for the adventure, the experience, to open their minds and senses.

You have a new idea, you try it out, then see what happens. It may totally flop, but that only means it opens up room for improvement to actualize your idea and get closer to the bigger picture.

Start a 30-day challenge to practice a creative expression every single day for 30 days. Maybe at first you’re only devoting 10 minutes for it each day, but never let a day pass without doing it.

Have fun while you doodle.

Just be yourself as you write in your journal.

Just be yourself as you write in your journal.

The goal is for you to do this creative expression for yourself. You don’t have to show it to others.

Enjoy what you’re doing, don’t judge yourself, and just keep at it.

This is how creativity thrives, and it’s how you can allow to take things in your job, business, relationships, personal life to the next level.

You’re made for bigger things, so get out of that rut, let creativity empower you to take risks, and take that step today - every single day.


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