17 Ways To Save Big For Your Cruise Fund

17 Ways To Save Big For Your Cruise Fund

The idea of being stuck in the middle of nowhere sounds crazy scary for a lot of people.

But what if you’re aboard a massive ship that’s got everything - and  I mean E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G you want while it floats around the middle of the ocean?

I’m talking about an onboard mall, posh restaurants, maybe a skating rink, dance halls, gyms, pools, jacuzzis, spas, even cinemas! Then you get to hop on and off to different countries minus the jetlag and cramped legroom and crying babies while you sit uncomfortably in your airplane seat.

Not a bad deal, yeah?

If you’re up for all those, then I say you take that empty jar out of the closet and start filling it up to get ready for the ultimate cruise travel of a lifetime. I’ve got for you these 17 tips on how to pump up your cruise fund, so you can pack your stuff and get ready to chill out and go cruisin’ to your dream vacation!

Here’s 17 Ways to Fund Your Next Cruise

1. Survey, segregate, sell some stuff 

Having a jam-packed closet is not pretty. Sure, it’s nice to have some stuff, but what if you’ve got a bunch of things there you don’t even need or use anymore? Like that shiny bolero jacket you wore 20 years ago at prom, or those Cyndi Lauper-inspired tulle dress that gave you a super grand entrance at your cousin Bette’s birthday party? Maybe it’s time to get rid of all these, put them up on Craigslist.com, eBay, or add them to your list of items up for sale on your next garage sale.

2. Turn coins into bills. 

I know you hate having heavy coins dragging your pocket down or adding extra weight to your wallet. But you can turn these metals into paper by exchanging them with bills when you go to the nearest bank or a coin kiosk. For a minimal fee, you won’t have to keep these metals for long, and on to your cruise savings fund, they go!

2. Turn coins into bills.

3. Dollar for the laundry. 

Each time you do your laundry, stash that dollar in your money jar and watch it grow - while your dirty laundry pile shrinks.

4. Skip dessert, earn $5. 

After a heavy meal, your tummy likes to play tricks on you and pulls you to the nearest sweets shop for a slice of cake or a couple of cookies. Resist the craving once in a while and save that $5. Your super sexy outfit for the cruise will thank you for it. 🙂

5. Home massages. 

We all love a good kneading on our sore muscles after a stressful day at work. But massages aren’t cheap, and they can easily cost you $150 for an hour, which adds up when you’re trying to grow your cruise fund. So why not trade massages with your spouse and save that cash instead? It’s a romantic (and cheap) way to unwind and feel more "connected" to each other at the same time.

6. Start pedaling more. 

Need to pick up something quick at the store that’s just a few kilometers away from home? Ditch the car trip and grab your bicycle. Not only can this help you save some cash on gas, but it’s a fun and easy workout to shape up those legs, too.

7. Do Al Fresco.

Feeling bored sitting down at the dinner table and want to spice things up a bit during meal times? Instead of heading to the drive-thru or to that swanky restaurant to spend $$$, why not go out to eat? By “eating out,” I mean literally dining outside your home! Have a pleasant al fresco dining in the yard and save that cash for your cruise!

7. Do Al Fresco.

8. Don’t let it build up.

Say you’ve got a tiny issue with the plumbing or car maintenance that doesn’t seem super urgent. Don’t wait for the problem to get bigger and the cost to skyrocket. Get things fixed while they’re not so severe and avoid spending more for repair expenses in the long run.

9. Get a Cruise Fund jar.

Remember when you were 5  and you had that shiny piggy bank sitting on your desk, reminding you to put in some coins you can use to buy your favorite toy? Do the same thing, but this time get a much bigger jar to fill up for your cruise fund. Watch the cruise fund jar get heavier up to the top and get ready to purchase that ticket soon!

10. Read books the minimalist way.

Books can be very expensive and easily cost you maybe $20 or so. Not suggesting you end that love affair with reading, but you can definitely take a cheaper route by purchasing eBooks or kindle books to slash that price to as little as $0.99 (depending on the title, of course).

11. Movie nights at home.

It’s nice just to sit back, relax, and catch a nice movie every weekend or whenever a good film is up. But heck, movie tickets can go up to $10, and that’s a lot if you have the whole family in tow. So why not put that home entertainment to good use, make bowls of popcorn, and watch some good ol’ Netflix or rent movies on Amazon that you can enjoy with the fambam? That $10 could easily go into your cruise fund - and soon you’ll be catching movies onboard that luxury cruise ship!

11. Movie nights at home.

12. Think Thrice.

Sometimes we get into one of those retail therapy moments that can put a dent on that shiny plastic sitting quietly in our wallet. But before you grab and go, maybe it’s time to stop and save. Stop for a moment to think and put that item back instead of dropping it into your cart if it’s something that’s basically wasteful, unnecessary, and pointless to get. Delay gratification for a better prize - your cruise!

13. Compare prices. 

You’ll be amazed to discover that prices of items vary from one shop to another. So shop smarter and save more using apps that let you compare prices such as ShopSavvy, BuyVia, and Now Discount, to name a few. 

14. Get into coupon hunting.

Why pay in full when you can slash that price with a coupon? Be on the lookout for coupons available online that you can use to save on your purchases such as RetailMeNot, Coupons.com, and several others. Or do it the old school way and clip coupons you can find on magazines and newspapers and present this when you get to the checkout counter.

15. Make your own coffee. 

Did you know that the average person spends as much as $1,000 for a cuppa each year? So instead of getting yourself a latte, make one right at the comfort of your own home. If you’re a self-confessed coffee connoisseur, invest in a nice coffee maker for your homemade gourmet coffee that can put the nearby cafe to shame. Here’s the newer version of the one that we’ve made 11,072 cups of coffee on, a SIGNIFICANT savings and BETTER coffee than 96.2% of coffee made in those over-priced shops!

15. Make your own coffee.

16. Cook extra.

Making dinner after coming home from a super busy work day can be a huge ordeal. But if you cook extra every other night and just stuff leftovers in the fridge, you can just reheat the next day and presto - eliminate excuses for you to hit the drive-thru for a $20 meal. Quick and tasty dinner the next day or lunch in your cubicle in minutes! 

17. Pack your lunch.

Speaking of lunch show how much you care for your loved ones - and your wallet - with homemade, nutritious packed lunches. It’s cheap, saves you from having to shell out $$$ for your meals while in school or at the office, and gets you closer to your cruise adventure!

Start saving for your cruise trip!

With a dash of creativity, discipline, and that winning photo of a luxurious cruise ship and everything else in it, you can totally save up and make it to the next trip sooner than you think! Give these tips a go and don’t forget to fill me in on those super cool stories about your dream cruise travel!


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