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If I got exactly what I think I want in life it would look something like this,

  • A harem of pampered and beautiful females
  • A plethora of real grains, spices, from the farm dairy, and the best meat always on hand
  • An abundance of veggies and fruit that burst with life
  • Quite a few people at my beck and call to prepare the cuisines
  • Can’t forget coffee, spirits, and plenty of beers on tap at their perfect serving temperature
  • Tons of entertaining possibilities, cornhole, a pool hall, darts, and the most epic board game man cave ever built.
  • Oh, and music, every stringed instrument and plenty of gadgets to go with them, the coolest keyboards and synths that get the exact sound in my head dialed in in seconds, drums and musicians that jive with me to create the music I have wanted my whole life.

That was fun to write, you should try it!

Would I then be happy? Would I sleep, achieve rest when I immediately hit my huge plush bed each night?

Or would there still be loneliness, fear of man, and envy of others?

What Would Happen if You Got Everything You Wanted?

To get what you want there are two segments of personality that are desiring to be satisfied, two feelings.

  1. Bodily
  2. Emotional

Very little of my above list scratches the itch of the emotional. Music, and maybe the possibility of playing cornhole or board games with fun to be around people.


If your crazy bucket list of desires was handed to you right now, you would have to go back to kindergarten like Billy Madison to grow up and realize it wasn’t what you really wanted after you became self-aware.

But what is it that you and I really want?

Billy Madison to grow up

What Most Miss About What They Want in Life

What you want is to be noticed, is for others, maybe a particular someone to say, I am glad you are here, I see you, and you matter.

This is kingdom.

Your life is a kingdom, a range of your effective will, and

  • When your kingdom affects others for the positive, you feel empowered.
  • When your kingdom affects others for the negative, shame, and other negative emotions arise.

Even worse than that:

When your kingdom goes unnoticed, you don’t have a kingdom and would rather die, to just fade away.

To be alive is to be seen, known, and loved. To have a legacy.

What do you want them to see?

When it comes to what you want, the aim is to be able to do what you want every time a desire or inspiration emerges.

Fact: There are two wars going on inside.

  1. The physical, bodily cravings, and desires pulling you towards addictions, checking out, and pleasures that can never be quenched.
  2. The “want to”, what you want to do in life, good habits, hobbies, passions, and purpose.

This conflict is intertwined with and revealed in the law of sowing and reaping.

When you continually sow to what you want in the physical, “shiny objects and sensations”, addiction pathways are ingrained and keep you from the other, what you really want.

  • To stick to playing an instrument consistently for a year instead of only a few weeks
  • To build, create, give flesh to your ideas
  • To start a morning routine, exercise program, or diet and stick to it.
  • To study worthwhile books and finish them
  • To be able to write a book
  • To start a side hustle or business and not fall back to the easy job a handful of months later
  • To be able to tell your time and money where to go instead of having no idea what happened to it all.

Much more than physical gratification and gluttony.

How to Discover the Life You Want

You see it and experience it every day, problems, chaos, and catastrophe all around.

Some of it invokes fear, but some of it causes righteousness to arise inside and exclaim,

  • Someone should do something about this: sex trafficking, riots, injustice to marijuana smokers, or hundreds of other problems in our world!

The reality of seeing these problems that need solutions is, you feel them because they matter to you, they reveal glimpses of what you really want—in your soul.

Millions of others read or watch the same broadcast and remain unaffected because it is not built into their DNA to notice.

You will say, this is the most important issue of our time, and others won’t care.

When these glimpses awaken a desire for change inside of you, analyze them!

What is it about this situation that resonates or revolts your core so thoroughly?

What you will begin to see, when quiet enough to hear, is your inner leader, archetype, the mentor that when unlocked will be the ultimate co-reigning—what you want in life discovery.

The what you thought you wanted—sex, meats, brownies, and beer can not compete against that level of burning passion.

How to Live the Life You Want

To live the life you want requires vision, intention, and means.

Vision is simple, pick a wholesome, want to, and write it down.

Intention and means are straightforward but require adjusting to your personality.

Here are the three steps to take this week to accomplish anything you want in life, sooner than you imagined possible.

  1. Commit this week to direct your time instead of drift in life.
  2. Wake up each morning new, view today as the new day that it is.
  3. Analyze and adapt from yesterday’s misses to create better self disciplines, for today.

What do you do next week?

Rinse and repeat.

Six-days at a time is how the world was created and how your life is continuing to be—a new creation. Either heaven on earth or hell, it is happening without your input already.


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