How I started running

How I started running

Are you searching for just the right motivation to kick your exercise routine up a notch?

Sigh.. I know, I totally get it.

If you start running, you can burn more calories and cut your exercise routine in half. Ultimately, it’s a more efficient idea, to run, instead of walk.

Walking is fantastic for your mind, body and spirit. I have no qualms with what most of us do best and in all and honesty, at this point in my exercise journey, I’d much rather walk than jog. But the goal is to get rid of this forever winter body so I can just physically feel better!

I jumped on the 6 day challenge and decided the best time of the day for me to keep my routine would be before anyone else was even awake.

How I started running

Before the “mom can I..” and the “honey do you know where..” questions even begin.

Plus, the summers out here are brutal, so the earlier the better. Every morning, I dragged myself out of bed, bypassed the brush, through my sweater hood over my head and just went.

By the 4th day, I started noticing the difference in how I felt and slowly began having more energy when I woke up.  

That’s exactly what I was after! Not feel like a bag of beans when I first woke up! So after the first 6 days, I did it again, and again. After making this a fundamental part of my morning routine I thought.. Hmm, is it time yet to bump it up a notch?

Why start running?

What’s your reason for thinking about adding running to your routine? There’s a couple of reasons why I’d been considering it.

For starters, I enjoy the way exercise makes me feel. Getting through it may be a challenge but it’s so rewarding to finish and know that you did it!

Secondly, I’m always looking for ways put my time to good use. If I can become more efficient in something, I’m in. If I can cut my exercise routine down, that means I can either get that much more sleep, or, I can do more for myself as my body adaptes.

So far, it’s only been a consideration, even though, you have to start somewhere right?

Why start running?

How I started Running may surprise you

On this particular morning, I stepped outside to see heavy clouded skies. Once again with my hood pulled over my head, I went. I thought, “well, I go as far as I can before it rains”.

Half way through my walk, I unexpectedly heard the rumble of thunder. Uh oh.. Time to go!

So I turned around and started heading home. Not 20 feet from my turn around I begin to feel sprinkles of rain droplets. Then, BOOM! A clash of thunder, and that one, was pretty close.

This system was moving faster than I had anticipated! Not only that, but I felt a cold rush of air. Knowing this was a possible sign of hail, it became all the more urgent to get back home.

Another BOOM of thunder. Alright I thought to myself, do it. Just do it. Pace yourself, but go. So I started running.

I didn’t run that far, but by the time I got back to my house, it was pouring and I thought I was going to be sick. But hey, I thought, now you know what you can do. It may not have been what I had imagined, but thanks to a little storm, my contemplation didn’t happen that day.

My number one running tip for beginners

A telling sky and a southwest wind motivated me to take that first step. Call it fight, call it flight, I was not going to get caught in that storm.

I had this picture in my head of how I was going to start jogging. I say, scrap that image. Things don’t always work out how you plan them. And if you spend too much time trying to plan everything just right, you probably won’t do it at all.

Give yourself some grace and decide to do what you can. Stamina builds up over time and just like with anything, you probably need some practice.

Two minutes of running is better than no minutes of running, wishing you would. Wishing is just that, it has nothing to do with action. I’m no a running expert, I’m just someone who wants to live life a little better.

Now every morning, I do what I can and you can too! Whatever your first step is, just take it. Take the first step, and just go.

My number one running tip for beginners


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