7 Ways to Finish the Year Strong

Don’t just try to make it to the end of the year….

Finish the year strong and make it a rocking end of the year!

Create a plan to finish with a bang and sustain the momentum that will set you up for success in the next year. From this day onward, it’s all about making great progress with incremental changes in your life and your business.

Here’s what YOU need to finish the year strong and bring momentum into New Years:

  • 3 killer tips for a strong finish in your personal life
  • 4 winning tips to knock your side hustle goals outta the water!
3 Whole Life Changes to Finish The Year Strong

3 Whole Life Strong Finishes

Get rid of the New Year’s resolution mentality, the lose weight for a wedding crap, the get fit for swimsuit weather stuff, it’s gotta change to whole life. Incrementally improving every day, every week, every month, and every year.

Yeah you’ll have misses.

The problem with the New Year’s resolution crap is 14 days in, you miss and go back to your old ways... Then wait for next year to start again.

Success doesn’t happen if you change just one aspect of your life for a couple of weeks.

You need a whole life change to make it happen - and there’s no expiration date for that. You got to keep working on constantly improving yourself to really see results. 

Incremental change each day. A snail’s pace is better than a zero pace.

The goal is to finish strong not just to finish.

Keep doing these 3 things and your preferable life will be yours sooner than you know it!

1. Establish a daily routine.

Want more confidence, determination, and discipline?

Nail a daily routine and your head is held higher all the time.

Do what you want to do in your day instead of drift in your day and you get notches under your belt and your daily wins turn to weekly wins, turn to year wins and you live in life!

No regrets!

If I could flip one switch for all people, it would be for them to have an established daily routine.

Success is the holy grail of any breathing, living person on the planet…. And a daily routine is the way to get to it!

Direct your day and create a work - life balance system. 

Hate to break it to you but this is what happens when you don’t follow a daily routine...

Screw cruising through life without a plan, a direction, a goal to guide you each day.

Starting tomorrow, begin a morning routine

So step 1,

Get a routine going. It’s not going to be a breeze at first but just start. Then as you go along and you find yourself having a tough time getting on it, check out my tips that helped me and a lot of people who have struggled with keeping their routine.

You win your day and you win your life.

Think of it this way: If you can tackle and win small things in life, how can you not win bigger things??

If you can get yourself to wake 15 minutes before you have to go to work each day, meditate for 15 minutes, exercise 30 minutes to 1 hour before you start work, eat a healthy breakfast, have a tasks list to guide you throughout your day and keep doing this routine every single day, you will totally be ready to handle bigger things like close sales, not let the dishes pile up, get that broken door fixed once and for all, get that pig sty, your man cave straightened up...

2. Finish strong with key habits to success.

Habits and routines are pretty much from the same family tree.

And you need both to finish up the year stronger than ever.

Here’s the game plan:

Establish new habits 6 days at a time.

Focus on one habit for 6 days, take a day off, and carry that habit on into next week and add another.

Pick a habit you need the most to improve and finish the year strong.

Family engagement habits, diet habits, fitness habits, mental exercise habits, side hustle actions habits…

Get that habit ingrained in your system at the end of this year no matter how insignificant it may seem at first, and let it catapult your next year to the moon!

3. Do you and create.

It’s fun to dream. But why keep those ideas bottled up in your brain? Create and see them happen right in front of your very eyes!

That’s why your head is placed up there and your hands down there.

You conceptualize and envision, then you use your hands to start making things happen.

When you create and physically manifest those ideas, you can look back and admire what you have created. 

And you can say to yourself, Wow, I made that! I manifested what was in my head!

You don’t have to be a Steve Jobs or a Bill Gates to create something awesome and we’re not going for the Mona Lisa.

Just create something small every day!

All you need is to do you. That’s the best tool you’ve got. YOU.

Need to know who you are?  Begin creating something, freaking anything

Four 4th Quarter Strong Finishes for Side Hustles

Two local business tips and two all business tips.  Finish the year by picking up some steam that will catapult next year.

1. Engage in Referral Marketing to Finish Strong as a Local Business Owner

Now let’s talk business.

Want a strong finish for your local business?

A great way to make that happen is by engaging in Referral Marketing, BNI, Networking Today, Chamber meetings, Rotary club and many others.

Strong Finishes for Your Business

These professional and business groups are a way to build relationships, connect with other business owners and finish the year strong.

Many of them need your services and when you nail the know, like, and trust part of things… BOOM.

And ALL of them know somebody that needs your products!

Think what’s in it for them more than what’s in it for you. Give more than you ask and take and you’ll win.

Invest your time and energy in these groups with like-minded individuals that will feed your brain with fresh ideas, inspiration, and motivation to nail down your business goals.

So get that butt off the couch and get yourself away from income reducers (a.k.a TV, video games, mindless scrolling up and down your phone).

Make referral marketing meetings a part of your weekly business routing and start making awesome things happen in your life.

2. Start and lead a Meetup Group.

This is something I don’t just preach… I do it myself, too!

It was just a typical Tuesday evening thing for me that eventually became an every Tuesday evening thing, and I’m hooked!

You should find a Meetup Group in your area relevant to your interests and skills whether it’s affiliate marketing, SEO, I don’t know, gardening, even?!

If you’re in business, you absolutely have value to give to yours or someone else’s MeetUp group.

2. Hey Local Business Owner - Start and lead a Meetup Group.

You can start by just attending one, get your feet wet and make some friends and connections, and the next thing you know, you’re up there delivering a talk or a workshop to the other group members.

It’s fun, mind-expanding, and life-enhancing for sure to start and lead a Meetup Group.

And at the end of the day, you feel that life is richer, more meaningful and more purposeful because you were able to share something that can make a difference not only in others’ lives but also your own life.

3. Spend $100 a week on Facebook ads and make money from it.

There are other ways to generate leads but if you want an easy and simplified route, or you want some kind of a DIY thing to get more leads because you don’t want to pay a pro for your campaigns, Facebook ads is the way to go.

You can start $5 bucks a day and scale up to $100 a week on your Facebook ads.

Start small then reinvest your profits in ads instead of cashing out.


Create an ad with Conversions as the objective and figure it out!

The idea is to keep the money going around and around in your business until it becomes a cash hurricane that spins and spins bigger!

4. Begin content marketing focused on search.

No $100 to do Facebook ads?

No biggie! There’s another route for you, and this is actually the more intelligent way to build a brand!

Do content marketing that’s focused on search. S.E.M to win!

Be a content creation machine who gets better and better over time.

Your day 1 of content creation may not be as awesome as your day 50 but you’ll never get to day 90 unless you start!

Start a 90-day content creation challenge. Make this as a part of your routine and habit.

Rock out your YouTube channel or podcast or written blogs. Find your content origination system and kill it!

To finish the year strong, it doesn’t necessarily mean having an abundance of money and time at first.

Sometimes, you only have more time than money, and it’s okay.

If you have no money but you have time, focus on search not social.

Get that Motivation to Finish and Inch Closer to the Best Days of Your life

It’s not the finish line that matters in this race to success.

It’s the journey, the day to day thing that you do to improve yourself in every single way.

So start crushing that routine, those positive habits, those regular attendance and participation to business groups and professional meetings.

Create meaning and purpose in your life beginning today, so you have nothing to regret at the end of the day, at the end of your life!

Craft a plan to finish and finish it out for your personal and business success!

I’m rooting for ya all the way!

Hit me up if you have any questions.


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