What is a Blog? The 3-Ways Bloggers Create the World

What is a blog?

A blog is a home for blog posts, a website that houses words that come from a blogger’s mind. These blog posts published on the internet deliver a shift of ideas in the blogger and their readers, and you can summarize this phenomenon in two words:

  1. Identity and, 
  2. power.

Today you will learn:

  • three not-so-apparent powers of a blog,
  • how bloggers make money, and
  • how by writing blog articles—thoughts and actions emerge in the blogger, and their readers.

Let’s dive in.

How Blogs Make Money

While there are many different blog types, you can summarize these long lists by seeing the 3-standard blog models and how they make money.

  1. Affiliate marketing websites
  2. Anonymous blogs
  3. Authority blogs

Affiliate Marketing Websites

What is an Affiliate Marketing Website?

An affiliate marketing website is a blog that makes money by guiding shoppers of products on which product to buy.

Let’s break that down.

Many people google phrases like, best-insulated travel mug, best robot vacuum, or best electric toothbrush.

search results for best instulated travel mug on google

The reason they are googling this is to know, “What is the best-insulated travel coffee mug to buy?”

An affiliate marketing website creates blogs that guide readers into making an informed purchasing decision.

In these blog posts, the affiliate marketing blogger will place links to Amazon or other places that sell these products that when clicked:

  • Amazon, eBay, Etsy, etc., will then give the blogger a percentage of the sale.  

The blogger will earn a commission for that transaction.

Besides physical products like travel coffee mugs—many services, courses, guides, software, and more also pay affiliate marketing bloggers commissions for referring their readers to their programs.

Unlike the other two types of blogs, affiliate marketing websites always have a “ceiling,” limiting how much money they can earn. That ceiling varies, 4k per month, 11k per month, etc., depending upon how many people google the types of products the website discusses.

An affiliate marketing website is most effective when you choose a niche, and your blog answers most if not all of the questions googlers have on that topic. 

Affiliate marketing is also a monetization strategy in other types of blogs:

  • Anonymous and
  • Authority blogs.

Here’s the next one.

Anonymous Blogs

What is an Anonymous Blog?

An anonymous blog is a blog in which the blogger has decided to hide their identity, or the blog owner’s name is irrelevant to their readers.

There are two types of Anonymous blogs:

  1. Huge websites with multiple authors
  2. One author that does not reveal themselves, an anonymous blogger.

A few examples of large blogs with multiple authors are sites like, 

  • https://www.techradar.com/
  • https://entrepreneurhandbook.co.uk/
  • https://lifehacker.com/
  • https://www.verywellmind.com/
  • And many more.

These large sites are challenging to start and pull off and primarily make their money from a TON of annoying to readers ads on their website.

The other side of anonymous blogging is a blogger that wants to hide but share a message or is currently not interested in being known.

The Anonymous Blogger

The irony of the internet is that you become sought out as a trusted advisor while genuinely but accidentally helping yourself and https://tinybuddha.com/ is an example of this paradox.

While Lori, Tiny Buddha’s founder, is known now, she began by signing her blog articles as Tiny Buddha Founder. This YouTube video explains well and shows why many bloggers start anonymously.

From these humble beginnings of hiding and monetizing with ads, like Lori, many anonymous bloggers grow into the third blog category, the one that makes the most money, an authority blog.

Authority Blogs

What is an authority blogger?

Every person is on a few journeys, 

  • journeys of the season in their life, 
  • and trying to get from point A to Z in specific endeavors.

Authority bloggers steward people to go from beginner to successful in endeavors like learning how to play piano, how to grow spiritually, how to launch a coffee business, how to raise your credit score, etc.

In addition to these specific endeavors, there are authority bloggers that focus on helping readers accomplish the journey of their current season in life: how to start a successful marriage, how to raise toddlers, how to transition to retirement, and more.

Each of these goals, specific endeavors, or going through a life stage, are journeys of transformation. 

  • A person, going from unaware of knowing how to raise toddlers to raising their toddler successfully.
  • A person, going from wanting to start a coffee business to running a successful coffee business.

Authority blogs make the most money because transformation journeys require many purchases, guidance, and maybe hand-holdings.

Because of the long journey, authority bloggers earn money from services like coaching, all the way down to making affiliate commissions from recommending inexpensive toys, books, or tools. 

Authority bloggers also make a consistent income by creating and selling courses and other information products on an authority website. Here are some trending niche examples for authority blogging.

Most bloggers are on their way to becoming an authority blog without planning it out; this is one of the ways blogs are—preparation for power.

Here’s how.

Three not-so-obvious Powers of a Blog

Each day, millions of people are asking Google to show them blogs that offer guidance, challenges, and ideas that either reinforce their current thinking or cause them to think about their thinking.

When a blog shows up on Google and is read instead of the other thousands of books and articles:

google serp results

Words written in a living room then affect a soul.

This means that bloggers can either help, or hurt, humans with words in these three ways.

  1. New Ideas
  2. New Revelations
  3. A New Creation

New Ideas

A blog is an extension of your thoughts. When you write, you create as you desire it to be—partaking in the Imago Dei—creating with words.

When you blog, you give flesh to your mind’s ideas, which reveals the first element of how a blog is preparation for power.

  • Preparing for something larger to unlock inside of you.

I’ve said it for a few years now, and I still haven’t found anything better—writing blogs or other content creation methods is the best self-awareness exercise, ever.

You have so many ideas because you are an ideas person. More ideas that are now hidden beneath your surface emerge when you start a blog dumping those ideas out of your head a few times a week.

New Revelations

In the beginnings of a blog, there’s not much traffic. You write and try to provide the perfect transformation in weight loss, spirituality, a business, woodworking, or whatever the primary focus is on your mind.

But because of the incredibleness of google’s algorithm, the few that land on your articles are looking for precise questions and solutions.

In addition to a lot of spam, a few leave heartfelt comments on your articles.

comments on blog posts

What occurs here is two-fold:

  1. Humans with souls are encouraged, challenged, entertained, or inspired by your words.
  2. You learn the unique quirky you matters, and this creates a resolve to go deeper into figuring out the most interesting problem you can ever solve—you.

You realize the holes in your processes that are not clear to others and begin to explore those further in yourself to fill the gaps in your readers’ transformation steps.

What occurs from this?

New Revelations.

These tiny pieces of progress then connect you with a few more people that then bring a new set of ideas that were not on your radar. What happens then?

A New Creation

Because of continuing to solve micro pains, problems, and desires for a few fans, the new articles you create connect you with a few more readers.

What happens next is baffling.

An extension of your kingdomthe reign of your effective will, is built and established outside of the four walls of your home.

A new and better way displaces old ideas in yourself and your readers; a new creation begins to emerge.

In addition to this ripple effect from your words, a new monetization method for your home emerges.

From side hustling a blog, you have created a way to make additional money within your kingdom.

Begin with a Glimpse of the End in Mind


You are an ideas person.

The easy way to give flesh to these ideas is to choose one small thought or topic, write about it, and publish that idea as a blog article, today.

When you consistently publish these ideas over time, you will make the most money with the least amount of effort. Why?

Because the new game most don’t know about in our time is this:

You only need 1,000 true fans to make a huge impact and a lot of money online.

A simple way to catch a glimpse of this end in mind for yourself is by discovering unique ideas that you have in your mind.

If you don’t have this ideas list for yourself, this how to find your purpose post will get you a large jump on these blog topics that are currently hidden just below the surface of your mind.



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