How Your “Bad Habits” Reveal — The Best Way to Succeed in Life

Did you know you already embody self-discipline in your core?

It’s true, and today you will see because you’re a self-discipline master, you already hold the answer to the best way to be successful in life.

Here are seven examples of “bad habits” that you may already possess.


If you crush two or even three of these buckets already, look out, world!

Let’s dive in.

A Palate Connoisseur

What three beverages do you drink each week? What are the seven staples in your diet?

Of all the possibilities available globally, you said no to the other thousands of combinations of foods and, with extreme discipline, only primarily consume these preferred palate combinations.

A Pissed off Spouse

What two things would you change in your spouse?

With immense vision, attention, and intentions, you have overlooked the other 99 problems you have and consistently only focused on a few.

That’s incredible!

A Show Critic

What show series details would you crush 97% of people in a trivia war? What movies, actors, or directors could you talk about on twenty podcast episodes, without preparation?!

Managing your time like a stallion and saying no to the millions of other places to give your attention:

You instead devoted massive buckets of time and have become a critic that would make many Ph.D. volumes of thesis research look like second-grade homework. BOSS!

An Expert Gamist

From stats and probabilities on current teams and players in a sport—to video games and even board games:

Your gaming knowledge, skills, possibilities, and insights rival the best economic analysts of our time, BOOM.

An in the Know News

See all the holes in a competing political system or know the misses of the one you align with closely?

Like Rocky going underground and rising out on top, you know what’s fake and what’s real and the answers to expand the correct worldview and dominate!

An Expert Thinker

Would it take volumes of books to encompass the ideas in your head about how to bring change in a person’s life?

Know which video, which podcast episode, which blog post or email to forward to a friend when they’re “struggling?”

You’ve thought through all the B.S. and found the nuggets of gold that deliver transformation, and have become a master sage.

A Perfect Consumer

What do these “bad habits reveal?

You’re a perfect consumer with immense self-discipline of time to your consumption, which reveals:

When you flip the switch from doing what you wanted to do before you got addicted to doing the good you want to do now, there is nothing you can’t accomplish.

From changing the ideas of a stuck institution, revolutionizing an industry, to being the best mom or dad since father Abraham, you already hold the keys, the success recipe:

The Best Way to Be Successful in Life

When you invest the same amount of time consistently for long periods and discipline yourself in a similar reliable pattern but this time: not becoming an expert consumer of someone else’s product or idea system, but creating with success the beautiful world-changing possibilities currently buried scarcely below the surface of your powerful mind.

You’ve already done it once, twice, likely five or six times with “bad habits,” what will happen when you do it with something you want to do instead of fall into doing?

Look out world, here comes your name here.

I’m excited to know and meet that person and even more than that:

God and a few others that are rooting for you are beaming with anticipation to see you walk in this “reign of your effective will” place, bringing heaven on earth a little more each day from your kingdom.


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