The Simple Trick that Makes it Almost Impossible to Sleep In

How to Wake Up Early in 4-Simple Steps

All my life, I tried developing and forming a morning routine; just a few years ago, I struggled waking up at 7:10 am.

I used to habitually not go to sleep until the wee hours of the morning, so I have not always been a “morning person.” 

It took experiment after experiment, but eventually, I went from going to bed at 4 am to incrementally waking up earlier and earlier.

I just bumped my wake up time from 4:30 am to 4:06 am a few weeks ago, and I want to share with you what I did so you can learn how to wake up early and stick to it.

More important than just waking up early, sooner than you thought possible, you will learn how to develop self-discipline and have more purpose and meaning in life.

Today you will learn.

  • What it reveals when you can’t wake up early
  • How to start waking up earlier tomorrow 
  • How to create a custom morning routine you love that makes it almost impossible to sleep your life away!

What It Reveals When You Can’t Wake Up Early

You can’t wake up because you have nothing to wake up to. Sleep is the ultimate way to check out on life.

Healthy sleep (which also includes not sleeping too long), on the contrary, is one of the most apparent signs of a fulfilled life.

When you can wake up and get to a job on time but can’t wake up and start your life on time: it reveals you are a well-trained robot, not a unique personality that was created and born on purpose for such a time as this.

You are used to a life that is entirely directed by others. That is not all bad. It is good and right to show up to a job on time and work your best. When you learn how to direct the hours you are not on the job, everything improves.

You have a reason you are here; you have an abundant life waiting for you to discover, not being able to wake up early is a signpost that your life has little purpose, meaning, or direction.

How do I know?

I was there as well, addicted to alcohol, entertainment, and more. I hit rock bottom, and a depression diagnosis occurred – depersonalization disorder

I lost my comfortable corporate job, almost lost my marriage.

After dialing in this morning routine and waking up when I wanted to, everything began to change.

Instead of crawling out of bed just in time to keep my job, my life mission has emerged.

You’re closer than you think, there’s a small shift that must take place in your life, here’s how to begin to win.

3-Steps to Wake Up Early and Love It

The first thing to do is

The perfect day exercise.

Struggling to wake early is due to a lack of meaning and direction in your life; this is the first step to changing that.

In the perfect day exercise, you write out all the details of what an ideal day looks like for yourself, a perfectly ordinary Tuesday that includes “work.” 

Honestly, it will be so valuable that you will want to revisit it every six months or every other year.

It is what helped me to learn my initial desired wake time.

You get to dream and write what you want to do and get paid for it, but at the beginning of this perfect day,

  • What time does it start?
  • What do you do first thing in the morning?

If you need more inspiration towards determining this perfect day, here’s the video where I learned about it.

Stumble Into Your Passion

I love what I learned from CS Lewis in the screwtape letters, the trick the demons like to play is to make you think you should read “the best books,” “the most important books,” instead of allowing humans to learn what they have passions to read.

A little before reading this, I read Mortimer’s “How to Read a Book” book.

In it, I learned of syntopic reading, and since beginning this simple reading method, my life purpose has started to unfold.

You have a reason you were born, a conversation in the history of time you were created to pick up the torch and take further up and further in to pass along to a few that are chosen to carry the torch after you.

Finding that purpose, mission, a vocation in life, begins from reading the books you want to read and over a little bit of time, reverse engineering what connections those books all have, and launch a mastermind with a few in the art of syntopic reading.

But I couldn’t see any of this when I started, and you may feel the same way, 

I had always wanted to read the Bible, and that is the heart’s desire that I followed, if you don’t have any direction here are a few good places in the Bible that deliver immense value.

Or start by reading “How to Read a Book,” I wish I had read it in my teens!

Start Creating for 15 minutes.

Don’t overthink this part; after you pray, read, meditate, yoga, exercise, read, whatever, sit down on your phone or computer, start a timer and write out the most important thoughts and turn them into words.

I use WorkFlowy free to save and organize all of these writings that bring me encouragement later, revealing to me more things I have overcome, new knowledge, and wisdom that has been downloaded from God, books, and other people.

documenting with workflowy

This discipline becomes the most significant self-awareness exercise when you begin to take these writings and become a content creator talking about things that awaken you.

But, this habit of writing for 15-minutes may never be for anyone else.

Don’t overthink it; begin a “creating with words” discipline for 15-minutes each morning.

How to Make it Almost Impossible to Sleep Your Life Away

You now have 30 minutes directed, 15 from the reading, 15 from the writing, 

Don’t wake up at the time you chose in step one. Why?

You likely fell into the overachievement trap of our time and overshot what you can accomplish in even one year.

We are under a curse, thinking too highly about what you can accomplish in one year and thinking too low for what you can achieve in five.

Do this.

Wake up 30 minutes earlier than you did last week tomorrow.

If tomorrow is Tuesday, what time did you wake up last Tuesday? Add 30 minutes to that.

30 minutes time 6-days, is three hours

A little longer than an average movie length to do what you want to do for yourself this week: is a baller place to start!

This is the trick you need to win this waking up early battle.

Why did I recently bump my wake up time to 4:06 am instead of 4:30 am? 

I couldn’t get everything I wanted to accomplish in my mornings done, and I needed more time!

What if you could do anything you want to do every week for 18-hours, a part-time job you LOVE?

What would you do?

I didn’t have an answer a little while ago myself.

I started waking up at 7:10 am and missed it often!

plan your morning direct your life

When you begin to practice the spiritual disciplines you want to do, read the books you want to read, create from yourself, and more every morning, you will soon have an answer to that question.

What would you love to do for 18-hours every week?

Focus on Redeeming the Right Time

Redeem the time… Today, not 4-years from now, not 25 years from now.

Regret is what you will have if you do not engage with your life today, this week,

Retirement is the current aim

The grass will be greener when

Like badgering monkeys the humans gossip

About others because they have no life

of their own

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