How to Become a Content Creator at Scale Without Going Crazy

When the “why” is strong, there’s no stopping you.

Content creation means so many things for different people. 

But it always means one thing: being fully alive.

When you become a content creator, you take ideas out of your head, and you give them flesh. 

There is also the possibility of achieving financial freedom by creating content. 

Bloggers, vloggers, and podcasters who have amassed several followers and fans are not just receiving the satisfaction of being able to help others with their content. They are also getting tangible things out of what they do.

Creating content is liberating in so many ways!

So if you have not created content yet, or you have been meaning to do it but having some hesitations and fears about taking that first step to creating content…

Today you will learn what a content creator does each week, why you should start, how to stick with it to achieve success, and never quit.

All you need are the first steps of faith so you can begin earning more freedoms and reaping the numerous rewards when you create instead of consume.

Why Should You Become a Content Creator?

Guess what? Everyone is a creator.

We create with our bodies, our words, our lives.

It is the privilege of being human, part of your created nature.

Becoming a content creator simply means that you are intentional and purposeful about what you create with your written and spoken words. 

There is a co-creator with God deep inside of you, you are an ideas person, a message in your heart and soul that needs to be poured out to bless, encourage, and challenge others.

For the first time in human history, by focusing a few of these original words inside of you, they are then able to go into all the world when you do the one thing that is the job description of a successful content creator.

If you fail at this one thing, you will never gain traction, and you will likely quit on your dreams.

You must know that you are only a few feet away from gold!

What does a content creator do?  

what does a content creator do

First of all, you need to know what you will face and what will be your personal growth experience in the world of content creation.

As a content creator, you will learn and continue to grow in overcoming every obstacle.

You will defeat fear, insecurity, shame, and all the things that try to hold you back in life. 

There is an entire army of darkness that does not want you to create, and everything WILL come against you.

Your phone won’t record, your computer will crash, your recordings will disappear, the video editing software will jack up, and hundreds of more obstacles will arise almost every week keeping you from the one thing that content creators do.

You must determine a publishing schedule and stick to it regardless of how you feel.

This is the one thing that all content creators do.

  • A content creator determines how many pieces of content he or she will publish each week
  • Successful content creators commit to publishing on the day or days of the week they have chosen as content publishing days

That’s it, a content creator publishes content for their audience consistently.

Who is that future audience? 

Ready to turn off the ensnaring noises of our time, social media, email, movies, tv shows, all things that pull you into helping someone else achieve their goals and turn on creating?

Here’s how you start.

3-Steps to Become a Content Creator at Scale

1. Create Content for Your Future Audience

The word future is in this section for two reasons.

  1. In the beginning, you don’t have an audience, and you must have in mind a future audience
  2. A few will begin to show up relatively quickly. It’s at this point where you must determine to stay focused on the future audience that you set out to serve in the beginning

I can’t stress this second point enough.

Even when a few followers begin to gravitate towards your content, it is imperative for your soul that you keep in mind this future audience.

Here’s how.

Create an Avatar

An avatar is simply a person that represents your target audience.

All of your content will be for this person.

Right now, create an avatar.

Give him or her a name, find a picture on the internet that represents what she looks like and print it out.

What does she do for work? What does he do for fun? What stresses does she have? What keeps him up at night?

If you have a hard time with this fictitious Avatar thing, choose a friend or family member who can benefit from your content instead, and this real person becomes the representation of the audience.

Create content that you love

There are hundreds of thousands of people in the world that can be fans and customers; you love your publishing when the material comes entirely alongside where you are in life and where you are going.

Creating content only becomes a drag and burden when you are creating to please, instead of creating because you’re in love.

Also, there is plenty of content out there for whatever it is you are creating, but people who will love your content will be more drawn to what comes from your soul. 

They will resonate with you, with your unique perspective, not just the information itself.

2. Race to 100 Pieces of Content on One Platform

100 pieces of content

The very first step to take in becoming a content creator is to publish 100 pieces of content on a single platform.

You want and need to publish content on more than one internet platform, but if you do it too soon, burnout, overwhelm, and more will occur.

Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Avoid This Trap at ALL Costs

When you begin studying internet marketing you then generate cookies that Facebook, YouTube, and other companies that make their money from advertising use to show advertisements that are relevant to your interests.

It is not a bad thing but, these internet marketers targeting internet marketers are the BEST advertisers in the WORLD.

They wil convince you that you need to have content on YouTube, on a Blog, on Instagram, on Pinterest, on Facebook, on Twitter, on a Podcast, on Tik Tok, on whatever else is new and will come out in the next three years, and they have cracked the code of the new and easy way.

Additionally, you will encounter a friend or someone that is having success on a different platform than what you started on and it will be hard to resist. 

The success that lasts, leaves a legacy while enhancing your soul always begins by establishing a consistent publishing routine from one of these three platforms.

Choose your platform

Your most effective pieces of content will connect with people when they are looking for you but do not know it yet.

Connecting with people searching for your content can only be done with platforms that have a usable search bar.

Social media is for catchy posts and paid advertising, this is known as interruption marketing.

Interruption marketing can make you some quick cash, it is also an effective strategy when you have an offer that converts but will not build you an audience that lasts because they found you when they needed you.

To be discovered by a future audience that needs you, you need to choose the one-word type that you will create, and that will determine what platform is best to publish your first 100 pieces of content.

  • Words with video – do you enjoy public speaking?
  • Words on audio – do you thrive conversing with friends around a campfire?
  • The written word – do you love to write?

Based on the type of words that is your most effortless best way to create, your first platform is then determined easily. 

  • Start a YouTube channel if you chose words with video 
  • If chatting is your thing, launch a podcast
  • Begin writing blog posts if you enjoy writing

The more quickly you publish 100 pieces of content on one of these platforms, the faster you will learn most of the necessary elements to connect with people on that platform.

You are Engaging in one of The Most Difficult Beasts to Tackle

Becoming an internet marketer is not for the faint of heart or shallow of mind.

A blog can be created and published in about three hours, a podcast, and many YouTube videos can be created and published in a little less time.

Your first few will take much longer than that, mainly because of the desire for it to be perfect and the learning curves that need to take place.

The more you become proficient at creating and publishing, better than good enough will begin to happen and success will soon emerge. 

3. Earn Trust in More Places at Scale

Once you have established a solid publishing routine on your chosen platform, it is now time to start looking at more platforms that work well for your content. 

I can’t tell you when you will become proficient on your first publishing platform; it is different for everyone.

A truth in life, We overestimate what we can do in one year, and underestimate what you can accomplish in three, is critical to understand on this content creator journey!

Think back just a short three years ago, where were you, what were you doing?

It goes by fast, and 3-years from now, either you will have quit this content creator game or you will be thriving in this creator world.

Know this, you can’t wait for too long on deciding to branch out into new territory, but you can turn it into a job you dislike by choosing to add in a 2nd or 3rd platform too soon.

The only competition is you, not anyone else.

When you can turn off all of the need to’s, shoulds, ought to’s, and avoid the shiny objects becoming steadfast in flexing your content creation muscle, you will be led and given peace when the timing is right to add on another platform.

There is no hack other than wisdom from consistent experience over time.

One Piece of Advice for Social Media

social media

One of the necessary but difficult objectives to attain on this creator journey is eliminating distractions.

The social media platform’s goal is to get you to spend as much time as possible on their platform so they can show you more advertisements and increase their revenue, that’s it!

Absolutely share the content you publish from your chosen platform on social but,

Determine set blocks of time you will initiate these shares and respond to comments as people leave them.

Set up automatic replies on your social media accounts, DM’s that say, I do not check these direct messages often, sorry!

Kill all notifications, on your phone (even better DELETE the apps!) and opt-out of receiving these notifications in your email.

Successful social media campaigns occur when you have the ability to get people off of the social media platform and into your ecosystem.

This can only be achieved when you are creating killer content.

Step one is to put your head down and become a consistent publisher, so at a later time, you have enticing content that pulls people into your funnels, what you must avoid to become a successful creator! 


Becoming a content creator is like learning multiple languages at the same time.

There are many questions you will encounter along the way.

Google is your friend.

Google the specific problem, get an answer, avoid opting in to free webinars and guides, and move on until you are stuck again.

Jot down tips as you run across good models from others on your chosen platform and implement them until they become second nature improving each week.

When you research trying to find answers to all of the possible questions before you start, two things happen:

  1. You get sucked back into consumer land instead of dwelling in creator land
  2. You often learn practices that were relevant two years ago that are not related to today’s world

This stuff moves super fast, the only consistency in all algorithm updates is a constant movement towards connecting people with real stewards that can help.

That is why improving incrementally in the consistency of publishing content, becoming a real steward is the only long-lasting way to go.

Choose one of the three platforms, commit to serve, and you will not just survive all future updates, you will thrive in them because you are legit!

You are a content creator, say it right now and let’s get this party started, I am a content creator!

Like God, I create with my words.

By your side!


Quotes Holly cut out, lol

Make a decision. Stick to the decision.

No matter what, stick to posting your content, even if the creek rises!

If something happens to knock you off course or you succumb to the negative feelings and miss a day, start again tomorrow.

Do it. And do it again.

Publishing content is the fastest way to increase self-awareness and dependence on God.

Do everything you know to make it go into all the world and let the results fall into the hand of God, knowing that He can connect it to thousands of people at any moment.

There are quick wins, but there is never a finish, continually keep in mind the future audience you want to establish a relationship with regardless of what the original people look like that show up until this match ordained in heaven has predetermined in your heart.

For you to make it in the long run, there has to be a decision, a hard choice, a covenant between you and God, that you will do this for three to five years, regardless of the outcome in the interim.

Love your neighbor as yourself. You are going to reach a current peak of the knowledge and skills in life that you can share, and you must commit to yourself and your audience so you can stay a few steps ahead of them and keep leading, keep stewarding, keep creating from your God words he has placed inside.

For you to make it in the long run, there has to be a decision, a hard choice, a covenant between you and God, that you will do this for three to five years, regardless of the outcome in the interim.

The internet is full of bull crap, and I’m not going to take it anymore, I will drip my drops into this large lake one week at a time because, 


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