5 Tested Domain Name Generators to Secure A Cheap Domain

5 Tested Domain Name Generators to Secure A Cheap Domain

Want to know how to make and secure a cheap domain name that’s actually sticks?

Choosing a domain name doesn’t have to be a long drawn out ordeal!

And nope, not all the cool ones are either taken or cost crazy $$ to buy.

There’s a few domain name generators, that are FREE,  you can use to get a great catchy domain name for your website.

Preferable life is all about living from you and no better way to do that than to create unique-as-you website name ideas and make it unavailable for others to grab… Once you have registered it as yours!!!

I’ve got smart advice on how to pick a domain name fast - and it’s a .COM domain name even!

No numbers, weird misspelled words, and all that crap that just ruins your hand-picked domain name…

I’ll tell you more about the best domain name generators and where to buy your cheap domain name all in this post.

The Best Domain Name Generator Tools to Find Your Domain Name

I know what you’re thinking:

Finding a .COM is a pain in the butt…

And that unique website name ideas aren’t always easy to turn into an awesome domain name that actually sticks.

With the internet boom amongst us and people jumping in the gotta-have-a-website bandwagon like crazy, it seems all of the good .COM names are taken.


In this post we are going to go through 4-steps to choose a domain name that rocks for your business.

  • 1
    Find Keywords For Your Domain Name Foundation
  • 2
    Use Domain Name Generators to Choose a Domain Name Fast
  • 3
    Check the Domain Name With a Free Social Media Name Checker
  • 4
    Register with a cheap domain registrar before somebody else does and get Free Privacy Listing for Life

Sometimes it's easier to see these steps so I made this video for you to watch and find a cheap domain name fast.

A Domain Name For SEO Starts With Keywords

If you want search engines to populate your website, having keywords in your domain name is a great place to start from.

This is not a must but if you can do it while keeping your domain 3 words or under, or around 15 characters, get a keyword in there! 

It also confirms to visitors what your website is all about, immediately.

Preferable Life is about Life, haha

Using the steps in this post is how I was able to find a 2-word domain name with the super versatile word life. Life coach, life quotes, best life, all of those and tons more are relevant searches to crafting your preferable life, what I'm all about!

For example...

If you are a psychologist going into counseling.

People are going to search for counselor, counseling, and psychologist. Which one is searched more?

Find Your Keywords Fast and Free

A great idea is to prioritize your .com choice based on this question.

Begin with searching and ranking a list of keywords around your niche.

While you are doing this resarch for your domain name for SEO, you will find no less than 120ish keywords that will be relevant blogposts that you will begin to start writing!

Register your free KW Finder account and you can save those keywords as a list to begin writing blogposts to rank higher than your competition!

This tool is power!

I use it for finding SEO domain names, Keywords for blogposts, Keywords for headings, Keywords for YouTube titles and Tags, and more!

Get a jump on your blog ideas and find the foundation to your domain name for SEO with KWfinder.

The Best and Fastest Free Domain Name Generators

Once you have 3-4 keywords nailed down and prioritized based on search volume it is time to stick those in a domain name generator to speed up the finding a domain name process.

Use these best domain name generator tools to find a domain name fast.

Don't spend a lot of time with the first one, it is not for digging up domain names.

It is CRAZY fast and if you find a domain name you love with it then you don't need the second domain name generator.

The second option is when you are beating your head against a wall trying to find a domain name!

It ALWAYS comes through for me!

Grab your keyword list and let's get into the domain name generators, then we'll check for Social Media availability, then register your new cheap domain.


Find Domain Names CRAZY Fast With Namemesh

For this step of the process, I’m all about NameMesh. Can’t recommend this tool enough.

I do not register my domain names with namemesh, I use namecheap.com for that because of the free privacy listing.

But namemesh is a rocking domain name generator tool.

Once I have my keyword list, I enter the top 3 or 4 in the free domain name generator Name Mesh, before I start testing it with the social media name checker later in this post.

Generate the Best Domain Name with a Free Tool

It populates a list of HUNDREDS of domain names that include that keyword in a couple of seconds.

What you want to do here is glance through the different sections to find a relevant category of populated domains to your industry.

I find the most value in going through the SEO category.

Namemesh says to put in 2-3 keywords at one time, when I try this way it creates domains that are too long. I like to be around 15 characters for my .com's.

Don't overthink this tool, don't spend a TON of time on it, if you spot one that it creates within a minute or two, add it to your domain name list and go to the Social Media checker step.

If you do not, go to the old faithful domain name generator.

A Deep Domain Name Generator Tool that Never Fails

When you've blanked coming up with a domain name the super fast way, have no fear!

With a little work, shown below, you will crank out a domain name that crushes it for your business.

This tool is what I have to go to for probably 70% of the domain names I buy.

It is old faithful and I am crazy grateful for Bust A Name.

Bust A Name does just what the name implies! It cranks out domain names faster than before Mcd's busted out burgers before they tried to get fancy on us!

The brief steps here are to put in your keywords, add a bunch of other words you would like to include in your .com, create a group or two and Bust A Name will blend those words based on your groups and pop out a bunch of domain options for you.

It is not a complex tool but your first time using it, it will require a little bit of playing around with to get it to do what you want it to do.

I have queued up the video to start playing on the bust a name section to show you, I'm not expert enough yet in my writing to not make these simple steps not sound complex. 🙂 

Watch this section, create a few domain names you love and then come back to the super important domain name step of checking synchronicity of your social media accounts. Bust A Name

The Fast and Free Social Media Name Checker

For your web domination goals, you want to spread your reach across social media…

You also want to have synchronicity on all of your branding.

Your .com to match your Instagram, that matches your Facebook page, and YouTube channel, etc.

But can you use the same killer domain name across all of these social media platforms?

Instead of putting your domain name in and checking each of these platforms you can streamline the process and in one query, see if all of these platforms give you a green light for social media.

There’s one FREE way to find out…

Namechk does it for you!

The last step in choosing a domain, before you register your domain with free privacy, go to https://namechk.com/ and put in your list of 3-5 domain names you are finalizing for your web domination.

This social media name checker tool is super easy to use.

The only weird thing about it is...

When you check a social media username, and you come up missing and want to check another one on your list, in order to reset the tool to put in a new query you have to refresh the page.

I've been using this tool for years and it continues to be this way.

Nothing crazy and difficult but it will stump you if you're not prepared for this.

Screen your domain name list against this social media name checker and come back with your golden domain name and we'll get you set up with a domain name registrar that gives you free privacy.

Buy Your Domain with a Cheap Domain Registrar That Offers Free Privacy!

Keywords in a domain name for SEO, check.

Rocking domain name, check

Domain name checked with a Social Media Name Checker, check.

Next up, buy that awesome domain name, for CHEAP, and make it all yours - and get free privacy!

Once you choose a domain name you want to make sure it’s totally out of the internet’s "phonebook".

I have tried tons of cheap domain name registrars, some not so cheap and I am now migrating all of my domains over to Name Cheap as they are needing to be renewed.

Great support anytime you need it, simple to use, and the best place to register a cheap domain.

Grab your domain name you have created and head over to Name Cheap and secure your domain!!

From there, the only thing that separates you from the epic bloggers and businesses of our time is...


Change The World and YOUR Life With Your New Domain Name

Figure Out if You Can Use Your Domain Name in Social Media Channels

You've got a domain you LOVE and one that resonates with the kind of message you’re putting out to the world thanks to these rocking free domain name generator tools!

Don't get all crazy with design for your homepage, installing plugins on your WordPress site, or writing emails to your soon to be massive email leads list.

The only thing that matters next is content on your website.

I made this mistake TOOOO many times, crossing all the T's and dotting all the I's on my business but not focusing on the main thing that matters, Content for SEO.

It is the difference between a website that looks pretty good and rocking out your dream for yourself and the shift you bring to the earth.

Take the best first step for your new website and publish a blog.

I'm rooting for you to craft and live your preferable life my friend!

Let me know how the domain name generator tools worked out in helping you get a cheap domain name.



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