If Coffee Mugs Could Speak, What Would they Say?

Coffee, the best part of waking up, jolts of caffeine, an incredible craft, delicious, and comforting:

Where would we be if it wasn’t for Kaldi the ass? lol

My beautiful pottery coffee mug recently had a fall and went to coffee mug heaven.

This shattering of a legacy made me realize how much time we spend with our coffee mugs; How deeply coffee mugs, must know our soul, our pains, our joys, and our lasting relationships.

Questions began to spin in my mind.

If a coffee mug could speak, what would it say? Would it tell stories? Offer sage words of wisdom? Impart in-depth knowledge about how to heal?

And then a practical living question emerged, 

Does the way of the coffee mug provide a glimpse of a model to be a good fellow?

A Coffee Mug – The Ultimate Companion

How many mornings have you woken up to your coffee cup?

Beautiful days when the birds are chirping, the stars are aligned in your duties with magnificent beauty.

And days when all hell hits the fan when shame erupts from insecurities when tears flow like Niagara Falls?

The warmth and comfort of embracing a coffee mug in your hand is there through it all.

Your Coffee Mug Knows

Your coffee mug knows all the crap, all the love, all the hate, all the fear, all the yelling, all the joy.

If your coffee mug could speak, it would be able to recall every emotion of the hundreds of mornings that you have shared with it.

In light of knowing everything about you, everything about all situations, the conversations with yourself and others, the scenes of your commute, your life; 

It remains the most gracious companion by doing one simple thing.

The Comfort

magical coffee mugs

Who are your most cherished friends in your life? Who awakens your soul with love?

They are the people that you don’t need to impress, the partners in life that are there regardless of all of your shit.

They continue to show up, to be by your side, to sit with you in silence.

Your coffee mug embodies the most excellent cure for your soul and fellow man’s way of living, the disciplines of solitude and silence.

The coffee cup does not do anything except be present in light of knowing all of the highs and lows of your life, emotional being, creative expressions, failures, and successes.

The coffee cup does not do anything except be present.

Present through the muck and mire, present in the good and bad, present in the art and the ugly; 

A coffee mug embodies the purest empathy of all; being.

Does the Coffee Mug Model the Way?

This is hard for me to say as a type 8 on the Enneagram chart, obsessed with performing and doing.

Does loving others the way you feel at home with your coffee mug reveal how to live the golden rule?.

If coffee mugs could speak, would they offer any advice? I don’t think they would.


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