Become A Competitive Content Creator In 9 Easy Steps

Become A Competitive Content Creator In 
9 Easy Steps

Audiences don’t give a damn about a bunch of hard sell and flat press releases.

They’ve wised up and couldn’t care less about your corporate slogans or salesy marketing sludge. They only hear these as blah, blah, blah.

Got a story to tell?

Then make it as spunky as it can get.

Make them LOL, give them that “AHA” moment, connect with them.

Give it your own flavor, a kind of presence no one can resist. Give them YOU!

It could be the most boring topic ever, something that can quickly put some folks to sleep.

But once you give it your own voice, dance with it, and keep it real, your audience will pick up.

Whether you’re doing YouTube, emails, Facebook, funnels, or paid advertising, you gotta keep your audience engaged in what you’re presenting to them.

That’s what quality content should be like. 

Let me tell you something.

It won’t be super easy all the time.

Creating content is TOUGH!

You’ll probably have some days when you’ve got nothing to say.

You’ll have days that you just won’t have the energy to make content.

That is what these 9 steps will help you overcome.

To be successful online you have to create consistent content, and you only have one thing in you and can only create content effortlessly in one way, and these steps will help you find that path.

The most efficient and straightforward path to content creating is the one that comes from you.

Why Become 
Content Creator

Content is the fuel that the internet runs on.

If you don’t pay someone to make it for you (which is the shitty way to do it anyway), or you don’t create content yourself, you don’t have an online presence.

And an online presence IS critical.

Whether you have a widget to sell, a service or a course, or you have a message that you’re supposed to get out to the world; you need to create that content to accomplish your goals.

The more your audience know you, hear from you, and like you, the more likely they will buy from you.

You need consistent content to have a new audience discover you, engage with you, and to keep you fresh in their mind.

Your constant presence online through quality content is just what you need to connect with your audience day after day after day.

What are your goals, and what is your why?

All of them can be accomplished when you are a content creator.

Need to sell some stuff? Have a message you gotta get out of you?

Become a talking head, a voice that becomes a brand, and you can accomplish it.

Here are six questions you have to answer and a few tips to help you rock and roll this content marketing thing.

Six Questions to answer - How can I become a content creator?

1. What Are You Super Passionate About?

So let me ask you this - what’s that one thing you REALLY care about?

I’m talking something that excites you, makes you want to talk on and on about it, and gives you that rush whenever you’re doing that thing.

Like, I’m totally into yoga. I probably bought every yoga-related book I could get my hands on, attended dozens of yoga sessions and workshops, and if I could change my name, I’d turn it into something cool like Hatha or Ashtanga.

Or maybe not.

But my point is, it’s what I’m super passionate about, I like doing it, talking about it, and sharing what I know about it to people who think yoga rocks. Or to those who are curious about it, haven’t tried it yet, but looking into getting into yoga someday.

So that’s me.

Now I want to know what about you? What drives you and gets you all pumped up?

Chances are, there are people out there who feel the same way about your passion, and they maybe don’t know enough and want to learn more.

If you’re a couple of steps ahead of them, then I want you to use that passion and your “advanced” level so to speak and create content about it.

After you figure that thing out comes the next question - how are you gonna do it?

2. How do You communicate effortlessly?

Are you the type who’s never camera shy, can talk about any topic in front of an audience and own it? 

Or you’re more into one-on-one conversations, small group talks, kinda like a cozy campfire chat with friends?

Maybe you think more in the written words, type a thousand words a minute, and can make people cry, laugh, think, sigh with your written stuff?

So which one are you?

Let me tell you this - if you’re gonna create content, you gotta do it every day.

Every. Single. Day.

No lame excuses whatsoever why you can’t write, or film, or record your audio in a day.

Yeah, sounds like a tall order, but you just gotta do it.

But it’s easy to make it happen when you ABSOLUTELY love what you’re doing.

It’s like you’re just cruising whenever you do that thing you do. Nothing forced, no weird, unnatural, or awkward feeling about it. Just purely lovin’ every second of it.

So yeah, step one is you gotta be clear about what you’re passionate about and talk about it! Write a blog post, make a podcast, or shoot videos to get the message out to folks out there who would gladly search your stuff online and hit that subscribe button because they think you’re the bomb!

3. What Narrow Audience Will You Serve?

It’s one thing to know what you want to talk about and how to talk about it. But who are you gonna talk to about it?

Yeah, before you create an avatar in your head to make your content sound like you’re really talking to someone (it’s something you really got to do, by the way), find your target audience first.

See, if I want to talk about parenting, I’m not gonna be spilling the info and my story and all that to a bunch of teens or single folks who hate kids.

And it’s not just a casual chat with stories of my parenting experiences. I’m going to share with my audience an abundant supply of information, advice, tips, whatever, that can really help them. Kind of like my tried and tested parenting advice. Things that really work, tested to give results, and with measurable results that they can see in a matter of hours or days.

So I’m talking about you being the expert or the authority in that niche you’ve chosen. I mean, come on, if you really love what you’re talking about, got a ton of experience with it, how the heck can you not be an expert at it, right?

Maybe you don’t have the accolades, initials at the end of your name to prove your educational degree or something about what you’re talking about.

People don’t give a shit about these things.

What they care about are results. You say something works; then it HAS to work.

When you create content, you focus on this topic and talk to people who are individually in this kind of situation. You niche down instead of creating content that’s generic.

You are the recovery specialist.

The go-to resource for that specific problem or solution.  

Are you the shoulder expert chiropractor?  The higher than 2 stories high window washer? The cook with quinoa mom?

Forget about other things and become the authority in that space.

4. How Can You Be Attractive From The Inside?

You could be writing that blog post while in your PJs.

Maybe even making that podcast in the rattiest shirt to match your bad hair day.

Or you probably won’t even bother putting on some makeup when you shoot those YouTube vids.

No one cares how you do it.

But what people will instantly pick up is your attitude, that infectious personality is shining through your blog or video.

It’s what separates you from dozens or maybe even hundreds of those doing or talking about the same thing you do.

So don’t look the other way. Stop comparing yourself to others or don’t ever sell yourself short.

You’ve got your own pure awesomeness, and let others see it!

I know it’s pretty tough to get to that point when you’re first starting out, and you need to make money fast. But it HAS to happen!

Eliminate desperation.

If you’re desperate for a sale, that vibe comes through in your content, and people can sense it.

When you don’t believe you’ll be able to pay your mortgage and all other bills and debts you’ve got, that desperation radiates from you.

So you HAVE to replace desperation and scarcity with focus and abundance.

The game is only in your mind!

Before you write or shoot your videos, speak out loud words of affirmations like -

I have enough. I am blessed. 
I am prosperous. I have plenty.

Maybe these are the complete opposite of how that tiny voice in your head has been telling you.

But say and BELIEVE these positive words so that they will radiate from you.

Even if it feels a little off the first couple of times you say these things, just keep doing it each time you have a tinge of desperation in your heart.

Once you get to the place that you’re only competing with yourself and not comparing your work with someone else’s…

And you’re sending out an I-don’t-need-anything-from-my-audience disposition in your blog, video, or podcast...

THEN you become attractive from the inside.

People will get instantly drawn towards you.

5. How Can You Give Extreme Value?

Honestly, the moment I watch or read something online and realize the person’s just trying to make a sale, I get so turned off and leave right away.

Look, people are not online to drain their wallet.

They want to learn new things, they need some help on something, and they’re hoping you have just what they need!

So maybe this person weighs 200 pounds, has diabetes, barely goes past the daily ten steps a day limit, and eats junk all day. 

Don’t try to sell the newest exercise machine or weight loss book or other junk he doesn’t even give a damn about.

This person wants advice, so give it to him!

Stop selling people crap.

Instead, offer them something.

The big difference is you’re not shoving stuff down their throat.

You’re merely presenting something to them whether it’s a piece of advice, helpful information, or a step-by-step guide on how to fix their toilet.

They found your content because they thought you could help them.

So give them what they need.

And not get from them what you need.

Maybe there’s a problem that’s been keeping them up at night, or making them feel down in the dumps every waking moment of their life.

If you’ve got the answer, give it. A valuable solution that will make you earn their trust.

Do it all the time, and they won’t look the other way ever again. They’ll be your audience and stay with you for the long haul.

6. How Do I Start?

We can dream and plan all day.

But the thing is, we DON’T have all day every day!

You’ve got to take action right here, right now.

Got those creative juices flowing?


Then there’s your ultimate tool. Use it and create your content.

Start filming that first video.

Write that blog post.

Make your podcast now.

It doesn’t matter if you’re just filming using your phone or an old laptop, or you’re just using the least fancy editing software for your video.

Fine-tune after, but take the first step to creating content TODAY.

And one more thing. Don’t EVER make that considerable mistake some folks do when they publish their content across all platforms they can think of.

Right now, choose a platform, stick to it, build an audience, and a following, and niche domination comes next.

You can thank me later 🙂

Commit For Guaranteed Long Term Success

We’re not doing a viral thing or a one-hit-wonder kind of a gig.

We’re in this for the long haul.

Maybe a year or two, or for the rest of your life, if you want to.

You’re not filming and uploading one or a couple of videos and expect to have a massive fan base overnight that you can start selling stuff to.

No, that’s not how it works at all.

You got to stay in that flow, maintain accountability and just stick to the process.

In fact, it took me three attempts until I finally became consistent in creating content.

My advice is to take on a 90-day challenge.

Why 90?

Because it takes 21 days to form a new habit, and much longer than that to really stick to it.

Make an effort to stay in that routine of creating content consistently for 90 days straight.

What I do is to have a daily tasks reminder with a list of things to do. At the end of the day, I look at it and make sure everything on there has been checked off.

I organize it according to priority, so the most essential item is up there on the list.

Establish Your Authority - Prove You Are A Pro

Well, the truth is, you’re already a pro.

The tools are inside of you, and you just have to start using them.

We’re all pros at our thing, but until you start sharing and teaching what you know, you’re not yet living your pro-ness.

It’s why you have to let the word out. Create that content that teaches, inspires, and helps others. Soon, people will pick up and start hiring you and asking for a consultation with you. That’s when you are validated externally in your pro-ness.

But WAY before that stage, you know more than the average person about your niche within a niche. You have enormous amounts of value to impart to the people that are 2-100 steps behind you.

And your voice might be the voice that 16% of them resonate with, which in most niches is way more than enough to make a killing from!

Have FUN! 

Maybe it stresses you out at first, or you get nervous or anxious.

But you just have to do it.

No matter what.

Get past those fears, that tiny voice in your head telling you you’re no good and don’t take all of those seriously.

Have fun and lighten up. That will make people gravitate to you.

When you’re authentic, your audience will follow you.

No bull crap, no fake info. Keep it real.

A fun thing I like to do is go back to a podcast I follow, a blog, or a YouTuber and look at their first piece of content.

It is NIGHT and DAY what it is three years into the game when you found them!

And you will be like that, too. The more you love and do that thing you do, the better you’ll get at it!

Now, when I’m starting a new habit, I always put that thing right at the top.

I tell myself, the other stuff on my list won’t get checked off until the first thing is done. So it’s like do it now or never - and choosing the second option is pretty much not an option because my goal really is to accomplish the stuff I have written there.

No one’s gonna do it for you. If you’re not gonna, make an effort, who will?

I know it’s tough. But, if you love what you’re doing, how can you even fight within yourself and feel forced to do it, right?

Like, will someone even force you to eat chocolate if you’re a chocoholic? Or would your spouse have to tell you each day to make the bed if you’re an absolute neat freak?

But yeah, I get you. Maybe you like that thing a lot, but getting it to be a part of your daily routine is something new to you.

So just check back into your list each day, see if you’ve got everything checked off, and that’s pretty much how you start a habit.

You do it every day no matter what.

No lame excuses, not giving up on your first, second try.

Hold yourself accountable for those times you skip filming, writing, or recording.

Stay in the new routine.

And if you keep doing it, you might just...

If You Don’t Have a Product to Offer, Here’s What To Do

Start documenting LIFE!

If you’re still not entirely sure what you want to talk about every day for the rest of your life. Don’t force it if you’re not there yet.

Talk about things you struggle with, your journey, things that rock your face off, just document!

The beauty in that is when you commit to that process, keep it going for a year or two, you will have an audience who just want to hear from you.

Want to read your blog or watch your video because you are a great person and they love the story!

In the long run, once you have it all figured out, you have 30,000 people to sell your product to!

So whether you know what you want right now or not, you always win.