2020 Meaning Falls Short | 5780 (Hebrew 2020) Reveals Our Time

For the past few years in July, my birthday month, I’ve created a theme of the year but July of 2019 the theme could not be dialed in.

I knew what the meaning of 2020 was, understood the implications of the Hebrew year 5780 but something in my soul was not ready to make the declaration and focus my time towards what my mind knew to be true.

2018’s them was “the best is yet to come”, 2019 “the best is here”,  and I had two words for 2020, pouring out.

But I was frozen, unable to walk in it. 

When you understand 2020’s meaning, the symbolism of 5780, this pouring out idea will help but these numbers carry a beautiful and glorious weight which you will learn today.

I don’t put a lot of stock in these number things, mainly I don’t use them as a prediction of what is to come or what I should do with my life; but they are helpful in interpreting what you feel God is doing intuitively in your life.

Let’s dive in.

2020 meaning, what is it?

Obviously, 2020 is the number 20 two times and is composed of the numbers two and the number zero.

Why does this matter?

The number two is a symbol of duality, you are a dual citizen, you currently reside on earth with your citizenship in heaven, duality is a good picture of this eternal life that you live.

Duality can also be contrasting. There is a war going on inside and you can be fighting against God.

The number zero is a symbol for eternity.

In addition to 2020 being the measurement we give for perfect eyesight or vision, putting together, 20, and doubling it, 2020 meaning may yield a large emphasis on vision and eternal duality.

The Sum of the Number 2020 is Four

Taking the sum of 2020, 2+0+2+0 you get four. The number four symbolizes stability and strength, safety, security of home, and a secure foundation, or solid rock. Heard of that language somewhere?

An established and secure foundation makes sense when you learn what God was doing in the 2010-2019 decade. Those who have pressed into how He was working in the prior decade, have an established foundation in their lives.  

Safety and security of home is one of the necessary but often neglected foundations of life.

Family strength’s importance in the coming decade of 2020-2029 is also seen in a profound “economical” study of our time in the four turnings.

That book, written in the late 90’s, basically predicted 9/11, corona, and more from simply observing history and its “turnings”.

Hebrew 5780 – Where it gets Super Interesting

Hebrew is an abjdad script where each letter is a symbol or glyph. So there is imagery and word meanings in addition to how to pronounce the sound of each letter.

It is likely that You and I need to learn more about this very possibly God delivered language.

I can not find a clear answer to how to write the full 5780, and it is obviously confusing to many others as well.

Where it mainly matters, is in the last two numbers, 80.

The decade of 578- is here and gaining a glimpse into the meaning for this season is helpful.

80 is pey, (pronounced pay) and is composed of two strokes from other letters, Kaf and Yod.

  • Kaf means “container” (i.e., spoon) and is understood as a container for the soul.
  • Yod means the divine spark of God.

Duality, 2020, and a container for the soul, your body, and the divine spark of God?

Pey is also a Word

The number pey is also a word, Peh which means “mouth” and by extension, speech, vocalization, expression, words, and breath.

I’ve never been a guy that can see pictures in the clouds but most who talk about the letter pey, 80, say it is a picture that resembles a mouth as well.

I can see it slightly if I view it as a side view of an open mouth, maybe that is how they are seeing this.

2020 / 5780 The Decade of the Mouth

God is inside of you, eternal duality, 2020.

God has been preparing you for this decade of the mouth, a container that carries the divine spark, but there is one more insight into 2020 and 5780 that I believe is essential.

  • It is very likely that many selfish ambitions have been laid waste in the decade of 2010 – 2019, 

This is what God was doing in the “Ayin” decade of 5770 – 5779.

Ayin implies a cleansing from seeing what God is saying.

“Discerning when to speak and when to be quiet will be a critical component during the next decade if we are to see the Kingdom of God growing in our lives and our world through our declarations”

Penned by Kim on her blog talking about the meaning of 5780 (highly recommend you read it!).

I saw what was coming before I knew these number meanings and a seed was planted in my life in late 2018. This seed caused, for the first time in my life a fear that I did not believe I would be able to overcome

I tried and tried but fear of man kept me frozen which brings me to the word of the year for my life.

The Meaning for You?

Internet marketing is the board game I have been playing since 2016 for my business and has turned into my passion and purpose.

I was shown that I was being prepared to help the people of God to effectively pour out and go into all the world via their cell phones, tablets, and computers.

I could never muster the courage to create the needed pieces to be ready for this time.

It has been beautiful to see in the wake of Corona how God forced his church to go online (without me!) and begin to have his words become available for all men in new ways.

My theme for the year is, “figuring out how”.

How to create and publish content that can go into all the world.

A seed was planted in the prior decade and has been taking root in your life as well, there has never been a time like today.

You have in your pocket, hand, or purse right now, a tool that by sharing a few words of wisdom that have been planted inside of you, the ability to go into all the world is a reality.

Becoming a content creator is simple but the immense fears, doubts, and insecurities that arise are real, at least perceived as real.

My hope is that between you and God,  you will delve deep inside and ask Him, give me the wisdom to participate with You in this decade of the mouth.

I am convinced from Kim’s words “discerning when to speak and when to be quiet” that it is far from simply pouring out whatever pops into your head. 

The two spiritual disciplines that will foster the critical character embodiment of this wisdom are silence and solitude.

  • Silence will cultivate the automatic habits of controlling your tongue and the ability to hear God’s whispers.
  • Solitude will force space in your time and head to continue to press into humility and the character of Christ.

I’m by your side in “figuring out how” to pour out, for such a time as this.



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